Meet 5 Awesome Culinary Nutrition Experts

One of the best parts about the culinary nutrition expert program is witnessing how our grads decide to share their knowledge with the world. CNE program grads have launched a variety of businesses to help others nourish themselves and support health through good food. They’ve started home chef companies, written successful blogs, hosted retreats, worked with natural food brands, created custom menu plans for clients, and so much more.

Today, we’re highlighting some of our five incredible CNE program graduates and how they are changing our world.

Michelle VodrazkaName: Michelle Vodrazka

Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Class of: 2014

Why She’s Awesome: Michelle’s twin passions are nutrition and exercise – and she’s incredibly skilled at both! She’s the author of two ACN-approved cookbooks, Smart Snacking for Sports and Help Yourself to Seconds. And we’re not the only ones who think she’s nifty – she was featured by her hometown newspaper, where she had the opportunity to share her favourite lifestyle tips and a few amazing recipes from Help Yourself to Seconds.

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Kristine PeacockName: Kristine Peacock

Location: Stouffville, Ontario

Class of: 2015

Why She’s Awesome: As a young widow with three children, Kristine bravely left her stable job as a teacher to educate people about her true love: food and nutrition. Her courage and tenacity has yielded an amazing kickoff to her business, which includes the wildly successful Power of 30 Challenge program.

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Trudy StoneName: Trudy Stone

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Class of: 2015

Why She’s Awesome: Trudy’s positive attitude helped her transform her life after a life-threatening illness. In her business, Trudy assists clients with weight loss and food cravings, and runs a food blog full of mouth-watering recipes. Trudy was recently selected to fly to Prince Edward Island to film her very own cooking segment with renowned Canadian chef Michael Smith (you can catch her submission video and a great recipe for coconut chocolate lentil blondies here). We can say ‘we knew her when’!

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Tara GloorName:
 Tara Gloor

Location: Houston, TX

Class of: 2015

Why She’s Awesome: Tara is a health coach and culinary nutrition expert who encourages women to embrace their age gracefully. We love that she hosted her own summit with over 20 experts – the Radiance at Any Age Summit – to help women life a more balanced, healthy life.

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Marcela Labanova Name: Marcela Labanova

Location: Al Ain, Abu Dhabi

Class of: 2015

Why She’s Awesome: Marcela is representing our tribe in the United Arab Emirates, bringing nutritious food and recipes to the desert! Her first workshop about fermented food sparked a huge interest in healthy eating, and a local school was so impressed they asked her to begin organizing lessons there for children.


Feature Image: Java Chip Smoothie from Help Yourself to Seconds by Michelle Vodrazka

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