What Is A Culinary Nutrition Expert?

You’ve found someone special if they’re carrying the Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert title (CNE). In order to carry this title, the expert has successfully completed an intensive 200hr Culinary Nutrition Expert Program.

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Culinary nutrition expertise includes:

• A thorough understanding of the impact food choices have on health and specific health conditions.

• The development of meal plans in accordance with various dietary restrictions.

• Recipe modification and testing.

• Recipe development and testing.

• Experience with a client simulation: following a prescribed meal plan for 3-7 days

• Ingredient Exploration Tasks: the selection of specific healing ingredients, experimentation with a variety of applications, and the creation of recipes that exploit health promoting benefits.

• Successful hosting of a cooking class /workshop.

• Knowledge in and experience with local food community.

• The study and development of food philosophy.

Through Meghan Telpner’s Culinary Academy, Culinary Nutrition Experts are prepped and ready for a wide variety of careers in the food and nutrition field.

Culinary nutrition experts are fully qualified to:

  • Run cooking classes
  • Teach cooking at community centres, youth centres, schools, etc.
  • Create customized balanced meal plans
  • Cook/cater private dinners, events, or execute a meal delivery service
  • Develop recipes
  • Develop cookbooks
  • Assist in research on food/nutrition topics
  • Test recipes
  • Host community dinner parties
  • Become a better nutritionist, dietitian, naturopath, doctor, etc.

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