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In case you want to read along, here’s my note:

If I could do one thing that took magical powers it would be this, my friend.

I would reach through your screen right now, throw out a little tap dance with some jazz hands and say loudly (not quite a yell) — THIS IS YOUR LIFE.

We have been through a lot. All of us. No one has been exempt from the harms of the last three years which has resulted in a whole lot of fatigue, apathy and maybe even feelings of powerlessness.

But let me tell you– YOU ARE POWERFUL.

You also have the capacity to completely transform the trajectory of the next half (or 3/5ths) of your life. This is the time to make the moves, get the skills, acquire the knowledge and connect with the people who will help you maximize your health and wellbeing as you move into this next decade of life what that means:

  • Having the energy and vitality to thrive for your children
  • Take on the role of support and caregiver for aging parents
  • Reimagine an entirely new field of work
  • Best care for yourself to become stronger and more resilient as you age

There is a lot going on in the world that still remains uncertain. And there’s a lot of soul searching, too.

Like me, you may now realize how little control we have over the ‘out there’ and you’re now focussing on what you do have the capacity to change, improve, and shake up a little in your life.

You may have figured out that the future you want needs some time, attention, and energy. It needs planning, preparation and action.

Perhaps that is exactly why you’re now receiving this email.

That thing you’ve been searching for is here. And it happening right now! It’s ready for you to dive in, so yes, GET EXCITED! Be a little nervous. And also take action.

Real change, real outcomes, real shifts take an investment of time, and energy.  You might think your goals, desires, or dreams don’t matter anymore or are impossible. Not true. You just might be in need of some deep rest and then SHAZAAM — the magic the comes from having something to focus your energy on that serves to build every part of who you are.

It is not too late.

You have found us. You have found the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program, and the incredible community that comes along with it.

I can tell you that this year’s program will be the greatest yet.

This year is the 12th and final run of the program as a group coached experience, and the energy the community of students brings to this program has been next level. I have no doubt this term might just be the most powerful yet.

This is the year to make it happen, and I’d be thrilled if you joined me! 

Do not let all the mind chatter, excuses, and barriers delay doing something that will bring you tremendous joy, growth, learning, purpose, and creativity.

Remember, it’s okay to be excited about something. More than okay.

It’s critical for our mental health and our motivation. Get ready because come September, you’ll be having one of the most memorable and transformative experiences of your life.

READY? ↓↓↓

The 5-month, no-admin fee payment plan ends this Friday. If you want to take advantage of securing your spot, while spreading your payments monthly between now and September, AND not pay any additional administrative fees, well, this is an ‘enroll now’ kind of day.

Plus, when you register, you get instant access to the Culinary Nutrition Expert exclusive area of the Clubhouse so you can start connecting with your fellow classmates and share in your EXCITEMENT. Let the inspiration begin… NOW!

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Thank you for reading my note today. I hope it has left you feeling a little lighter, brighter, and excited about what’s to come.

In great health,