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Dear Academy of Culinary Nutrition community, Culinary Nutrition Experts, Instructors and long time supporters,

Though I outline everything in the above video, I am putting my thoughts down here, as well.

Let me first start by saying that when I made the announcement that I was stepping back in March of 2022, I meant it. I couldn’t wait.

I was feeling a heavy weight on my shoulders that I didn’t feel confident I could support anymore. I love this work. Most of all, I am grateful for the incredible people that have come into my life and into this community by finding us.

Doing this work in the world as it is today is hard. It is ridiculously more challenging and more complicated than it was when I started with six person cooking classes in 2008, or even the first run of our Culinary Nutrition Expert Program online in 2013.

Over the last year, I was watching and experiencing first hand the name calling and labelling of those of us continuing to advocate for health, proper nutrition, personal responsibility, and overall wellness.

I’m a person, and every day I wake up wanting to bring my all. Suddenly being in a position of having to navigate sharing what I’ve been sharing for 15 years without anyone feeling ‘offended’, ‘attacked’, or ‘triggered’, or dealing with the threat of being ‘cancelled’ became absolutely exhausting.

The fact is this: What is health and what is not health has not changed. It will never change.

The more we attempt to negotiate our way around personal responsibility, the further we will get from the experience of optimal health as individuals, as communities and as a global population.

It made me want to stop, change course and do something else.

But here’s what actually happened:

As I empowered my team to forge ahead with less input from me, and as I took some time to recharge, rejuvenate and take some space for the first time since I started doing this in 2008, I became re-inspired, emboldened and even more mission-driven then before.

Then I began teaching the 11th run of the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program. I got to know our newest community members, listening to their stories, answering their questions and learning from them.

I also began tuning into the further insanity and confusion that is moving into the health space. The health-washing claims being wrapped around processed foods touting that ‘plant-based’ will save our health and the climate. I started seeing crickets popping up on ingredient labels in processed foods promoting high protein values. I scratched my head over a public webinar where the FDA defined what “healthy” means on a food label.

“Healthy” isn’t something that can be a label. What is deemed ‘healthy’ cannot be separated from the person eating the thing. What may be healthy for one, may not be healthy for all.

Most of all, I looked around at the deeply unfortunate fallout from three years of global health chaos and the dramatic increase in ill health, obesity and cancer in younger and younger population groups, degenerative disease rates continuing to soar, and immeasurable levels of mental health issues and general feelings of isolation and disconnection.

As much as I tried to resist it, I came to the following conclusion:

I’m not done yet. 

More than that, along with the exceptional team that runs the Academy, we are reimagining what we offer, how we offer it and more so, the role we can have as a community in each other’s day-to-day lives and as a global network.


This is my calling and the only option I have is to go all in with all of myself exactly as I am, uncensored, whether everyone likes it or not. I recognize not everyone will be coming along for this next evolution.

But I’m hoping that you will be a part of this new and exciting next chapter.

We’re leaping ahead.

The door remains open always.

Everyone is welcome.

Our community is growing. We’re gaining strength and our 2023 plans are taking it to the next level.

What’s Next?

  • Early bird registration for the 2023 Culinary Nutrition Expert Program, with me at the helm, is coming on November 14th for 4 days only.
  • Join me on Tuesday, November 15th for a live online information session where I will be sharing all of the exciting updates, changes and evolved offerings for our 2023 program.
  • We are building a big, bold, and ridiculously fun new hub for our community, of which you are an important part. This will be a place where all are welcome to join, participate in live online events, connect with each other and work to elevate all of us to the next level of living! More details to follow soon!

Thank you for your support, and being part of this community.


P.S. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us at