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Our graduates from around the world

We pride ourselves on the amazing experts we have the honour of working with. We know that they work hard, and have seen that the more they put themselves into the program and the work they do, the greatest their gifts are. That our students value their experience with us, is what continues to drive our goal of exceeding expectations.


Julie Walton Photo

I loved this program. I am a Certified Exercise Physiologist with an undergraduate in Kinesiology and a Holistic Nutritionist. This was by far the best program I have done and is so applicable to my career. It answers all of the questions clients and others ask me on a regular basis. It is so practical and I found myself challenged, but very supported through the program. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to further their education in culinary skills with an emphasis on REAL and healthful foods. Meghan backs everything up with research (which I love) and delivers it with her amazing personality. It was money very well spent.

Julie Walton , AB, Canada , 2018 ACN Graduate
Michael Hunsinger Photo

The Culinary Nutrition Expert program exceeded my expectations in many ways. The quality of the learning modules and in-depth coaching was very professional and fun… This is an invaluable tool. Going from conventional chef to Culinary Nutritional Chef has been a game-changer for our brand. Thanks to Meghan, Josh, and their Team.

Michael Hunsinger , New Zealand , 2018 ACN Graduate
Michelle Vodrazka Photo

The CNE program blew away my expectations. I thought I knew a lot about nutrition and cooking going into it, but this course made me realize how much more there was to know. It’s truly staggering the depth and breadth of information that is packed into this three-month course. It has overhauled my life, from the way I interpret new research, to the kitchen equipment I use to cook my food, to the types of food I eat and the way I shop. I highly, highly recommend this course to anyone looking to take their knowledge and quality of life to another level.

Michelle Vodrazka , ON, Canada , 2013 ACN Graduate
Marsha Kentish Photo

I am currently working on a Masters in Clinical Nutrition and have taken several cooking classes. Although I felt comfortable in the kitchen this program has given me the confidence needed to develop and offer cooking classes and demos moving me one step closer to seeing my dreams come true. Nutrition consultation with an added bonus. The program exceeded my expectations.

Marsha Kentish , VA, United States , 2018 ACN Graduate
Andrea Lee Photo

This course was amazing and got me outside of the box with my cooking and my thinking. The assignments built upon each other nicely and at the end I had a ton of resources that I can use to host programs of my own. I love the private community group and the overall encouragement for me to do more and be more! I am thinking bigger than ever before and I am thankful.

Andrea Lee , BC, Canada , 2018 ACN Graduate
Raquel Inoa Photo

I can happily say that the CNE Program was completely beyond my expectations. The content was very up to date, extremely generous and the team was amazing. They were very focused on our learning and giving us encouragement. The tuition was an investment, but totally worth every penny. I’m really satisfied and inspired. I’ve learned a lot and I hope that I can apply each and every pearl of wisdom, and spread this to my community to help everybody take control of their health.

Raquel Inoa , Dominican Republic , 2015 ACN Graduate
Samantha Leso Photo

The program was amazing; it was so interesting and well-organized. My program coach supported me in every step – considering I’m Italian and writing well in English has been a big challenge for me. Meghan is fantastic and I hope to meet her.

Samantha Leso , Italy , 2018 ACN Graduate
Iris Castillo-Estep Photo

This program taught me so much more than I expected. Although I am a Dietitian, I didn’t realize how much more knowledge there was to food and nutrition in ways where food can actually aide in healing rather than avoiding. It’s a lot of work but if you follow the tips the team provides and keep organized throughout the program, it’ll make the process so much easier. I love all the additional support provided via the coach, Facebook group, and Live Q & As from Megan.

Iris Castillo-Estep , TX, United States , 2018 ACN Graduate
Heather Budinscak Photo

The Culinary Nutrition Expert program was everything I’d hoped for and more! Not only do you learn the details of plantiful eating but you learn not to fear trying new things, whether that’s ingredients, recipes, meal plans, etc. Instead you develop a trust and confidence in your own ability to experiment, research, and explore the opportunities in front of you.

Heather Budinscak , CT, United States , 2018 ACN Graduate
Maureen Wielansky Photo

The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program’s content was fun to delve into and the cooking assignments, written assignments and quizzes helped me not only integrate the content into my life it also taught me how to manage my time and be strategic.

Maureen Wielansky , MI, United States , 2018 ACN Graduate
Dusty Spiller Photo

The CNE program has changed my life. I can now cook fantastic healthy meals and snacks for myself and my wife knowing every ingredient I cook with and how those ingredients are health promoting. As well as being a professional triathlete, my nutrition demands are greater than most and I can fulfill those needs now with what I’ve learned. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to take control of their health, life, and learn how to use great ingredients to make great meals!

Dusty Spiller , AB, Canada , 2014 ACN Graduate
Tricia Hooper Photo

When I first signed up to take the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program it was purely as a self-improvement exercise as I just wanted to improve my knowledge of nutrition to support my cooking. Never could I have imagined how much this course could exceed my expectations, from the quality of the teaching, the level of professionalism of every aspect of the course, the sense of community within the private group and my coach to the inspiration to set up my own company and develop it into something I could never have imagined 6 months ago! I can’t thank everyone involved enough and my only regret is I didn’t come across the course earlier!

Tricia Hooper , United Kingdom , 2018 ACN Graduate
Debbie Livingston Photo

I had watched Meghan from afar for many years; reading her posts, watching her videos and even purchasing her book. I finally made the leap to “go back to school” with the Culinary Nutrition Program. I loved being a student again and having deadlines but what I loved most was being appropriately challenged and learning so much great health information and habits to share with friends, family and clients. The whole world benefits from this program with each graduate!

Debbie Livingston , CT, United States , 2018 ACN Graduate
Gillian Macgregor-Spurr Photo

If you are looking to build your confidence in the kitchen and gain a deep knowledge on the healing benefits of food, then this course is for you. Meghan and the whole CNE team are supportive, knowledgeable and hilarious. It was an intense few months, and this is not a course that you can successfully complete without dedicating the time and effort, but it is one that I highly recommend. I have learned so much that I feel like my health, and that of my family, will improve significantly as a result. I look forward to adding to this knowledge in the future.

Gillian Macgregor-Spurr , BC, Canada , 2018 ACN Graduate
Tanya Smith Photo

I have no idea how to put a price tag on the experience I had. It was transformative. Personally, professionally. It opened up landscapes in the health field that I didn’t even know existed. The experience and the confidence I have coming out of it are invaluable. It’s a good measure that I don’t regret paying any of it!

Tanya Smith , ON, Canada , 2013 ACN Graduate
Maria Cattet  Photo

The CNE program was an amazing learning  experience  for me. This program gave my life a whole different  meaning making me feel that now I am on the right track. I am grateful for all the knowledge I have now and I am so inspired to share it with everyone.

Maria Cattet , ON, Canada , 2016 ACN Graduate
Cassidy Neiser  Photo

This program is everything I hoped for and more! I am so impressed with how well put together the program is. Every module flows in harmony together to build up to the final assignments. The research projects were incredibly useful for my business and have allowed me to find a focus for my work. Meghan and her team are incredibly organized and make it easy to navigate through all the new information. I can’t rave enough about this program! Highly recommend to anyone who has a passion for nutrition!

Cassidy Neiser , ON, Canada , 2016 ACN Graduate
Caryn van der Merwe  Photo

I successfully graduated [from the CNE Program] with honours and now have a whole new appreciation for how food heals the body. I am looking forward to sharing this valuable information in all future workshops.

Caryn van der Merwe , AB, Canada , 2016 ACN Graduate
Jessica Homontowski  Photo

The video modules along with the recipes is what I enjoyed most about the program. I plan to go back through the videos and dive deeper into the information.

Jessica Homontowski , WI, United States , 2016 ACN Graduate
Bethany Jones Photo

This program surpassed my expectations. The information was very relevant and useful. It was perfect for continuing my education as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. The support from Meghan and the team was above and beyond. I would do it all over again!

Bethany Jones , NB, Canada , 2016 ACN Graduate
Sierra Thompson  Photo

What a wonderful experience! As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I was looking to further and broaden my culinary knowledge and skills – this program has done this and more! I feel so much more aware and confident in my ability to translate complicated nutrition and health topics to clients, friends, and family. I am empowered and excited to see where this work will take me! Thank you Meghan and tribe for such a wonderful and in-depth experience!

Sierra Thompson , OR, United States , 2016 ACN Graduate
Tammy Smith  Photo

[Meghan’s] style is inspirational, down-to-earth, and real. I hung on her words, and was always thirsty for more of what she had to say.  Her contagious ‘fun’ spirit, makes learning a ton of fun!

Tammy Smith , CA, United States , 2016 ACN Graduate
Candice Gonzales-Cullen Photo

The CNE program is the highest quality nutrition and whole life program out there! The huge amount of information packed into this course is well above any other. The support from Meghan and her team is unbelievable. Meghan’s teaching style, philosophy, and enthusiasm is incredible. I gained so much more than I had anticipated from the course, community and team at ACN. The community created is beyond amazing, so many people with the same goal, to change the world through this information. My life has changed in such an incredible way since joining the program, which has had a ripple effect to those all around me. I can’t say enough great things about Meghan, ACN or the CNE program. Truly life changing!

Candice Gonzales-Cullen , CO, United States , 2015 ACN Graduate
Sue Fitzgerald  Photo

The CNE course is all about food, but it’s about so much more than that. It’s about community, research, knowledge, investigation, friendship – who we want to be and how we want to be in this world. The food is fantastic, the assignments challenging, and the world view inspiring. The CNE program is well organized with fantastic support from Meghan and her team. Finally I have the knowledge to understand why I eat what I eat, and the skills to share that knowledge with others.

Sue Fitzgerald , ON, Canada , 2016 ACN Graduate
Emily Beatty Photo

This program truly changed my life. Not only did I learn how to improve my own health and the health of my clients, I became a part of the most supportive community I could have ever imagined. The course content, program coaches, fellow students and (of course) Meghan’s words inspired me every day to push myself and dream big! I can’t wait to put all the amazing knowledge I gained into practice to grow my business and inspire others to live their best and healthiest life possible!

Emily Beatty , ON, Canada , 2015 ACN Graduate
Sarah Schafer Photo

I would recommend the CNE Program to absolutely anybody. Whether you are brand new to the concept of holistic health, an experienced practitioner, or someone who is simply looking for the “real” and “true” answers to nutrition, the Academy of Culinary Nutrition is the way to go!

Sarah Schafer , MI, United States , 2015 ACN Graduate
Sonia Jay Photo

The decision to enroll in the CNE program has been life changing! Firstly, the knowledge I have gained has altered the way I think about food my family and I consume – is it building health or disease? Secondly, I have come away with expertise in culinary nutrition that I am positive will help me build a fulfilling career. I am elated that those I approach to discuss my certification are confident that I have valuable information and skills to offer them. I have already been asked to help run monthly healthy food workshops at a very well know cancer support center! The CNE has changed my life – my family is living a healthful life and I will now help others to do the same!

Sonia Jay , NJ, United States , 2014 ACN Graduate
Marissa Rodriguez Photo

This program was beyond anything I could have ever expected. The quality of everything (support, information, program, portal) was amazing! I have been learning about food and wellness for years, but I never felt “legit” enough to be able to start a business. I looked at other programs online but I felt very overwhelmed by everything that they promised to teach and I didn’t feel like it was specific enough for me. This program is hands-down one of the BEST investments I’ve ever made in myself and my family. Sometimes I tell my husband I don’t know how I ever did life before the CNE program, it’s truly life changing. I’m so happy, proud and thankful to be a Culinary Nutrition Expert!

Marissa Rodriguez , Hawaii , 2015 ACN Graduate
Dawn Lashley Photo

I have been out of school for a number of years and there was initial trepidation at being able to resume rigorous coursework while maintaining a full-time job and extra activities. I am glad to say I was able to accomplish it all. It wasn’t always easy. There were some late nights and stressful moments, but such is the case with any academic endeavor. Meghan’s team was professional and considerate. My TA provided an enormous amount of support and encouragement which made it possible for me to continue through the course. I learned so much which further fuelled my desire to continue my studies in holistic nutrition. Well worth the cost, the time and personal sacrifice to complete the program. Would recommend it to others in a minute!

Dawn Lashley , NY, United States , 2015 ACN Graduate
Susan Albrough Photo

I loved this course! For me, it was the inspiration I needed to establish a new paradigm of healthy eating for myself and my family. Meghan is a wonderful teacher and shares her knowledge in a lighthearted and inspiring way. With a smile and a wink she manages to get us to think differently about the foods we eat and shows us with simple clarity what foods serve our health better and how to prepare them. I would recommend this course for anyone that is willing to commit to healthy change and share their new found knowledge with others.

Susan Albrough , ON, Canada , 2014 ACN Graduate
Laurent Causse Photo

Watching Meghan each week was very inspirational, and I cannot stop thinking of my business objectives since completing the CNE program. The support team was great, and I enjoyed teaming up with a buddy for a few assignments. I am more of a visual learner, so I really enjoyed the module videos. One of the major effects on my life was gaining confidence and trust that I could develop services for educating people on healthy nutrition in the kitchen. I learned a lot and it was a great complement to my previous nutrition education.

Laurent Causse , QC, Canada , 2015 ACN Graduate
Alyssa Tyghter Photo

I joined this program like so many people with a background in nutrition, thinking I knew a lot about food, wellness and cooking already. However, this program allowed me to explore areas of nutrition I’d never thought I wanted to know anything about… Elixirs and Herbal Medicine? Edible Beauty Care? This went far beyond my basic ideas of how nutrition is solely about breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I learned how to change my entire lifestyle, not just the food I put into my body. In such a short time I soaked up enough knowledge and sound bites to somehow convince my carnivorous husband to adopt a plant-based diet with me… we even completed a three-day juice cleanse and he is now training for his first 10K race. Who knew that four months in a program I almost didn’t take would change not just my life, but my husband’s, too? I am so looking forward to what the future holds for us and our baby girl. I’m so excited that she will grow up with two healthy parents who create a healthful world for her as the norm. Thanks so much!

Alyssa Tyghter , ON, Canada , 2013 ACN Graduate
Sheena Scott Photo

This is absolutely the most worthwhile, life-changing course I have ever enrolled in. Meghan is so alive, genuine and passionate about her school, her students and the education she is providing. It is apparent that she practices and believes in everything she teaches. Her team as well as the tribe of like-minded, intelligent and encouraging people that come together during this course are nothing short of amazing. If you aren’t sure about taking this course, all I can say is – just do it. You will not be disappointed!

Sheena Scott , AK, United States , 2014 ACN Graduate
Anna Pelzer Photo

The CNE program changed the way I eat and think about food. I feel healthier and far more confident about my food choices. The program is very practical, which really helped me to absorb the knowledge. I loved the recipes I made (Meghan’s, my classmates’, and my own!) and continue to use them. The prerecorded workshops were entertaining and fun — I looked forward to the new one each week. Meghan is a brilliant and inspiring teacher and I am so glad I took the program.

Anna Pelzer , BC, Canada , 2013 ACN Graduate
Brianne Hattum Photo

This has been a life-changing experience for me, more than I would have ever thought. Not only with the great education from Meghan and her team, but my family also gained a lifestyle change that has made us happier and healthier. This course goes beyond food and touches some other aspects of life that lead to healthier lifestyles. Great reminder. The level of relationships with the team and classmates that build over the 16 weeks is more powerful than some relationships I have had over my lifetime. We are learning together at different levels, but getting to the same point. The comfort of support is amazing. One of the best decisions I made was signing up to this program.

Brianne Hattum , SK, Canada , 2014 ACN Graduate
Felisha Alers Photo

The CNE program was educational, motivating and fun! I learned to make delicious healing foods that were gluten free and dairy free. The recipes were easy to follow and simple to make at home. I am a Health and Wellness Coach, and am excited to add this specialty to my practice. It gave me a new skill set that I can share with my clients and family. I loved learning new recipes and healthy substitutions for the body and home. Meghan, Josh, and her team are amazing! Meghan’s culinary knowledge is vast and thorough. Her enthusiasm empowered me to come out of my comfort zone! Also my program coach, Melanie was very supportive and helpful throughout the program. This program brought out my passion for the culinary arts of healing foods and herbal medicine. You will not regret taking this program; You will gain a wealth of nutritional knowledge!

Felisha Alers , NY, United States , 2015 ACN Graduate
Christa Collie Photo

This program lets you take the interest and passion that is lying deep within you and allow it to manifest and grow into so much more. Whether you want to turn this into a business for yourself through nutrition workshops, cooking classes, one-on-one teaching sessions, or even if you want to learn more about culinary nutrition to enhance your own lifestyle or to touch the lives of your family and friends, you will find everything you need right here. CNE is designed to challenge and empower you to go out into the world and make it better. The encouragement and support that Meghan and the teaching assistants gave throughout the program was incredible. They want you to succeed and are there to cultivate that success. The level of professionalism in their expertise and advice along the way far exceeded my expectations. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything, I realized I am capable of so much more than I ever thought. I feel honoured and privileged to have been a part of this program, and to watch as my colleagues grow and succeed in whatever they choose to do. I am excited to watch my own journey continue to unfold. This is only the beginning!

Christa Collie , AB, Canada , 2013 ACN Graduate
Mackenzie Ferns Photo

This program is so beautifully done. I really enjoyed every module as I am more of a visual and hands-on learner. This program provided just that! I went into every module excited for what I would learn and what recipe I would be making. Sondi was an awesome coach who showed lots of support when it came to completing our assignments. I looked forward to her feedback and was always eager to push myself to do the best I could. I’m a busy mother of toddlers so this program was also very accommodating to my hectic schedule. I’m going to miss it!

Mackenzie Ferns , BC, Canada , 2018 ACN Graduate
Gisselle Perdomo Photo

I am incredibly glad and happy and even relieved that I followed my hunch and enrolled in this program. Meghan’s down-to-earth ways, good nature, charm, wits and her goofiness even, all made me feel like we had known each other all our lives. She makes learning fun and has a huge and intense passion for helping others through sharing her knowledge and her experience. I was happily surprised to see that the quality and content of the program exceeded my expectations! Investing in this program was probably the most fulfilling, smartest decision I made in 2013! I will forever be grateful and hold Meghan, the TEAM and our TRIBE near and dear and close to my heart!

Gisselle Perdomo , Dominican Republic , 2013 ACN Graduate
Erin Smandych Photo

I cannot say enough good things about this course. I went into this course thinking I would learn a few things about meal planning, and I came out knowing how to actually teach this to others in a meaningful way. The lectures, assignments and workshops all combined to give a full understanding of how to teach and live this lifestyle to the absolute fullest. You will learn so much more than just nutritional information — you will learn the skills you need to share this knowledge and actually run a business in this field. It isn’t a bunch of theoretical information, it is practical and applicable material that you can take into the world and execute, whether that is for yourself, your family, or your clients. I never thought I would be confident enough to start a business in this field, but now I have all the tools to do so! Meghan’s teaching style is engaging and entertaining; she makes learning every aspect so enjoyable, and makes you want to keep learning more! The professionalism and structure of this course blew me away, and it was worth every penny of my investment. The community created between Meghan’s team and the fellow CNE-ers was absolutely amazing. Not only did I gain the skills I needed, I now have an entire support system as well! I can honestly say this course has completely changed both my personal and professional life, and I have never been more inspired!

Erin Smandych , AB, Canada , 2013 ACN Graduate
Jennifer Camirand Photo

I was looking for a professional level program that would allow me to partner my skills as a nutritionist with my passion for whole food education.  Meghan delivered on all fronts. Do not be fooled by the fab, fun and fashion of this nutritionista – she means business. The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program is the real deal.  If you are not afraid of hard work and a challenge, throwing yourself out there, and living in the Eye of the Tiger for three short months, then this is the path for you.  I would walk this road again in heartbeat.

Jennifer Camirand , ON, Canada , 2013 ACN Graduate
Elaine Moran Dos Santos Photo

Meghan is a true superhero when it comes to teaching culinary nutrition and showing us how to reduce our toxic burden to help save the world! Her superpower is the love she infuses in everything she puts out there. From the hands-on learning experience of recipe creation, meal planning, and cooking workshops, to the video teaching modules, abundant resources, and interactive live-streams, this course gives you all the knowledge and applicable tools you need to go out into the world and share your amazing skills with confidence and ease. Throughout the entire experience, Meghan and her fearless team made me feel supported, encouraged, and valued. She makes you believe that you too are capable of making the world a better place in your own unique way—one healing, nutrient-dense meal at a time. The only thing Meghan is missing is her cape! I would recommend this course without hesitation to anyone looking to optimize their health and the health of others through the healing powers of food and holistic living—as my experience with this program was truly priceless!

Elaine Moran Dos Santos , CA, United States , 2015 ACN Graduate
Jennifer Frost Photo

The CNE program is amazing! You will have a TA that is there for you every step of the way and Meghan is very present in the private Facebook group and is always your own personal cheerleader. I learned how to become a better person and help myself as well as everyone I know. I am so excited to put everything I learned into practice. I am currently in graduate school and I was able to manage a full time job, grad school and the CNE program. It was stressful but completely worth it!

Jennifer Frost , Milton, Ontario
Vanessa Gilic Photo

The CNE program exceeded my expectations. I learned more about nutrition and healthy living than I would have thought possible within the time frame. The focus on food and application to real life is what attracted me initially and I was not disappointed. This program has been life changing for myself and my family. It has provided me with a wealth of knowledge, skills, amazing community and the desire to learn more!

Thank you Meghan and team for offering such an amazing program! I am incredibly grateful to have been part of it.

Vanessa Gilic , Brisbane, Queensland
Jessica Mitton Photo

I was very nervous about taking this course, as I was not sure if I would be able to meet all the deadlines; however, everything was so well organized and if I had questions, my program coach was always there to help. The program content was amazing. I was able to learn new cooking and baking techniques and gain insight into developing cooking classes and workshops. It brought me out of my comfort zone on more than one occasion, but I was so happy that it did! I learned so much. Meghan is such a great educator who always makes it fun and exciting to be in the kitchen!

Jessica Mitton , Newfoundland, Canada
Amanda Langan Photo

This class truly surpassed my expectations. It was difficult and challenging at times, but that is to be expected in a class! The information covered a vast variety of topics ranging from veggie power to sweet treats. I was challenged to create my own recipes, get outside my comfort zone and to experiment with different ingredients. I always felt like Meghan and the team were always an email away, and my classmates really became a community, working through everything hand-in-hand.  This has to be one of the best decisions I have made to further my education.

Amanda Langan , Zionsville, Pennsylvania
Adriana Tellez Photo

This program changed my life– my confidence, knowledge, passion, and quality of living. This is a community where everybody gets support from each other.
Completely loved it!!!

Adriana Tellez , Mexico City, Mexico
Laura Olson Photo

I’m so glad I made the leap and took the CNE course! Meghan and her team helped take me from a solopreneur wannabe to the “real deal.” It was amazing to watch Meghan in action and apply that knowledge to my own business. And, I can’t wait to sit back and watch all the video content again. Each time I watch, I pick up a little more info that helps me lead myself and my clients to better health.

Laura Olson , Brooklyn, New York
Lisa McKenna Photo

The CNE program blew me away! I learned more than I ever could have imagined and met the most incredible group of women along the way. Enrolling was one of the best choices I have made for my personal health and for my business. This course changed the way I look at food, how I eat and how I feel. The best part is that this course fully prepared me to share this knowledge in a practical way to help others live healthy, happy lives.

Lisa McKenna , La Baie, Quebec

This course gave me all the tools to change my habits, focusing on a new perspective with nutrition. The knowledge that I now have has opened me a whole new world of flavors and ways of preparing my food. It has also give me the confidence needed to do it. The team and Meghan’s support is impressive. I feel very proud of being a graduate so I can share the good things that I’ve learned. The good vibe is contagious. I love being a part of this!

Claudia Ortega , Mexico
Liz Maloney Photo

I loved this program! I learned so much more than I had anticipated about the powers of healing foods. This course made me feel empowered in the kitchen and I look forward to continue sharing all I have learned.

Liz Maloney , Toronto, Ontario
Meg Bradbury Photo

I began this class with a lot of independent research and studying of wellness and nutrition already under my belt. My hope was that I would learn some ways to teach other people the information I “probably already knew.” Well, I was schooled! Meghan’s program definitely gave me excellent teaching tools, but more importantly, I learned an enormous amount of stuff I never even thought of regarding eating, creating, and just being. From Meghan’s joyful expression and communication style to my teaching assistant Cara’s thoughtful and eloquent feedback, from the easily accessible technology and the super fun recipe and homework assignments, this course is absolutely hands-down the best thing I have done for myself in many years.

Meg Bradbury , Altadena, California
Mieke Postulart Photo

Where do I even begin? I have been searching for a program like this where I could learn comfortably from my home, but develop super skills and knowledge about food and culinary nutrition. CNE delivers it all. Next to all the awesome video workshops, it was great to learn from Meghan and other health experts in the live classes every week.
Learning through the CNE program was so much fun while giving me the knowledge and skills to infuse the world around me with culinary nutrition!

Mieke Postulart , Maarssen, Utrecht, Netherlands
Joanna Wilson Phillips Photo

Meghan is one of the most dedicated and fiercely passionate teachers I’ve ever had. I really enjoyed the fact that the cooking assignments overlapped with the written assignments and tied a lot of concepts together. It was so useful to see what we learned on paper and in the videos come to life in my own kitchen, by my own hands. The written assignments I created for this class were some of the most intellectually and emotionally fulfilling assignments I’ve ever worked on. I felt like I was truly doing work of substance that would be used to help others.

Meghan, Josh, and the Academy team have done an exemplary job of filling in my information gaps, but more importantly they have unleashed a passion for flavor, taste, and recipe creation in me that I never knew existed. Through recipes, the incredible CNE Tribe, and the amazing Facebook groups, the ACN community has proved over and over to me and my family that healthy, healing food can absolutely taste delicious.

Joanna Wilson Phillips , Vermont, USA , 2015 ACN Graduate
Penni Royston Photo

This program far exceeded my expectations. Three years ago I began my healthful journey and received my certification as a Natural Foods Chef. I was able to overcome chronic fatigue through food which was a bonus for me! It was the beginning to a different kind of lifestyle than I was accustomed to. The CNE Program was the perfect extension to push my limits even farther.  I was so glad I had formal culinary training as well as holistic cooking training so I could really focus on my next step. I’m a believer in holistic nutrition and wish to spread the word to those willing to listen. One thing I really appreciated about Meghan was she wasn’t there to preach to us.  She taught us what she knew and allowed us to process the information on a personal level. Health IS personal and you have to want to walk this walk. The best testimony is our own personal story. I believe this is where we all will make a difference. Thank you Meghan! I really appreciate your genuine and fun-loving spirit throughout the program.

Penni Royston , Littleton, Colorado
Perrine Renard Photo

The CNE program surpassed my expectations on so many levels: The different types of interactions with Meghan, all the different learning processes to engage all different part of our brain, the variety in the assignment types, topics covered, the quality of information shared, the enthusiasm it was shared with, the fact that it was very hands-on despite being an online course, the fact that it was made clear from the beginning that it was our responsibility to make the best out of those three months (no babysitting here which made so much sense to me for that type of continuing-studies program) and the seriousness and professionalism everything was handled with, despite the small sized team. Very impressed by the amount of thought and work that was put into the course to make it a very well-rounded professional program! I loved every minute of it! I learned so much valuable information and so much about myself as well. Very grateful for this experience.

Perrine Renard , Vourey, France
Sam Kelly Photo

I found Meghan and her work back in 2008, as I was healing as a young adult from a four-year cancer battle.  I looked to Meghan and others in the field to help provide the knowledge I needed to heal my mind, body and soul — and I did.  Flash forward to 2013 and I took the plunge to take my health, food & nutrition skills to the next level with the hope to share what I learned with anyone who would listen.  That’s where the CNE Program came in. The quality of the information provided, teaching methods, assignments and range of topics covered far exceeded my expectations.  I learned exponentially more from this program than I ever did from any traditional college or continuing education courses (and I’ve taken far too many to count). You get 1000x what you pay for with this program. Along the way, Meghan and her team offered an unparalleled level of support.  Every question I had was thoughtfully answered and any concerns I had were addressed in a timely manner. Although the course was entirely online, the deep sense of community formed with classmates came as a welcome surprise to me.  This course has helped me hone my skills, taught me more than I ever imagined, and helped me step outside my comfort zone to make my dreams of helping others a reality.  Thank you x a million, Meghan & team.  I’m proud to call myself an alum!

Sam Kelly , Nottingham, Maryland , 2013 ACN Graduate
Shannon Gardiner Photo

The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program guides you to develop your skills in doing your own research, creating your own recipes and making your own decisions on what matters in your healthy life and career rather than give you a bunch of information for you to memorize. I am so happy that I completed this program!

Shannon Gardiner , Pickering, Ontario , 2013 ACN Graduate
Mitlé Southey Photo

The CNE Programme is awesome! I have enhanced my nutrition knowledge, improved my culinary skills, honed my recipe creating skills, boosted my meal planning skills and developed new skills in relation to content creation, event participation and delivering workshops. In the weeks after completing the course, I ran my first paid workshop (and have 3 more booked), had a guest blog post accepted for publication and had a recipe accepted for From Scratch 2016! The effect that the course has had on my life far exceeded my expectations. The support offered by Meghan’s team and my programme coach was exceptional and I feel honoured to be part of this community.

Mitlé Southey , Australia
Cortney Teeples Photo

My experience with the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program has left me wanting more! I have been impressed with the amount of information provided and the quality of the overall presentation. The level of integration throughout the curriculum as each week builds on the previous week’s lessons was impressive. I felt encouraged and empowered by the high expectations that motivated me to keep going. The sense of community and support was exceptional for an online program. Meghan and her team do a wonderful job. Now I need to take a deep breath and take what I’ve learned into the world. But it’s not scary because I know I have a whole CNE community to support me as I continue!

Cortney Teeples , Issaquah, WA
Theresa Boudreau Photo

The quality of this program is stellar. The depth of knowledge shared is deep and well rounded. Great support from Megan and her team when needed. A supportive community was formed during the program and is ongoing.

Theresa Boudreau , Toronto, Ontario
Valerie Piccitto Photo

This course was one of the great decisions of my life – no doubt. I took this course primarily to further myself professionally but also on a personal level I really wanted to spend more time getting acquainted with my kitchen. As someone who owns their own business, goes to school part-time and has a family, that was a non-negotiable for me. This course exceeded my expectations times a thousand. I came out of this program as a far better version of myself. Thanks to the CNE program I’ve rebranded & restructured my small business and I’ll be offering holistic cooking classes/workshops to share everything I’ve learned.

Valerie Piccitto , Keswick, Ontario
Brenda Watt Photo

As a result of the CNE course, I discovered my vision as a nutritionist. I now know I enjoy creating recipes, offering cooking demonstrations and sharing my nutritional knowledge. With each aspect of the CNE course, I was excited to learn more and figure out how I could use what I was learning to enhance what I was already offering my clients. The assignments opened new avenues of offering nutritional ideas, knowledge and support. The cooking assignments encouraged me to explore new techniques and tastes.

The CNE course surpassed my expectations from the content to the support. Thank you Meghan and her team — you guys rock!

Brenda Watt , Cochrane, Alberta
Vanessa Labelle Photo

Meghan, what can I say? You are simply AMAZING. For me, you are a daily inspiration and you always continue to impress me by who you are: True to yourself, true to us (your students) and so unique. Every Thursday, I felt it was one of my friends who was teaching me amazing life lessons/cooking/healthy classes. I loved every workshop you did, all the knowledge you shared, your touch of humour, your way of teaching (we can see you loved it!)

Vanessa Labelle
Lisa Lio Photo

This was my first experience with an online course and I was a bit hesitant to sign up because of the price and the not-in-person factor, but the CNE program totally surpassed my expectations! Meghan and Josh are total naturals when it comes to teaching and make the modules fun and engaging. They really have a knack for this and do a great job of explaining things in a way that makes it easy to understand. I couldn’t be happier that I made the decision to take this course!

Lisa Lio , ON, Canada , 2018 ACN Graduate
Abby Handelman Photo

The Culinary Nutrition Expert program far exceeded my expectations of what I could learn from an online course. I am so happy I stumbled across this program as it has given me the knowledge, tools and most importantly, the confidence to start an entirely new career path. Meghan and her team have created something truly amazing!

Abby Handelman , CT, United States , 2018 ACN Graduate
Kate McPerson-Hope Photo

The Culinary Nutrition Expert program far surpassed any expectations I had. I now feel so empowered to continue to learn and implement amazing, healthful changes into my life and share this knowledge with others. This program is carefully planned, highly interactive and content-rich! I feel so fortunate to have been a part of this amazing group, and am excited about what lies ahead.

Kate McPerson-Hope , St. Louis, Missouri
Amanda Maguire Photo

I considered myself to be well-versed in plant-based, whole foods cooking going into the CNE program, so the biggest takeaways for me have probably been learning more about what I enjoy/don’t enjoy (the assignments really helped me to hone in on that), improving my nutritional knowledge (the more science-based aspect of food), and just generally building my confidence. I am a perfectionist by nature and in the past I found that I let wanting to be amazing at something on my first go hold me back from trying new things. The CNE program really solidified for me that “Today is the day!” and I should strive to put my best foot forward, learning as I go and giving life my all. This is invaluable, and I’m excited to see what I am capable of!

Amanda Maguire , Brookline, Massachusetts
Brooke Hutchison Photo

Meghan is such a light! Having had the opportunity to soak up the wealth of knowledge and wisdom she pours along with those of her community has been incredible. Each week my expectations of the course content, assignments and sense of community were exceeded. The last four months has made an enormous positive impact on my kitchen, my home, my life and those around me. I am forever grateful for Meghan & her team’s hard work in creating this well-rounded, fun and inspiring program. So happy to be part of this bright, powerful and passionate tribe!

Brooke Hutchison , Kitchener, Ontario
Dawn Puusa Photo

This was an incredible, overwhelming and life changing experience! Meghan and her clan are so inspiring and supportive! She really makes you believe that anything is possible. All of the tools have been provided to change your life and to create an amazing new you. So much knowledge that empowers you to want to share with others. Aligned with so many other friends that I am now connected with from around the world. The possibilities are endless.

Dawn Puusa , Ajax, Ontario
Donna Olson Photo

The quality of this program is outstanding! It incorporates EVERY aspect of personal health, not just the food and nutrition. This is a program that helps teach the culinary, nutritive aspect of food, but it addresses the WHOLE (holistic) perspective of health, which is essential for true health and well being….

The effect of this program on my life cannot be completely expressed in words. It has brought to fruition a cumulative experience over the last 16 years of gaining knowledge about nutrition on my own and living everything that Meghan teaches in this program, from reading food labels, politics and laws affecting our food supply, food contaminants, spiritual and emotional health, and more. I have direction now on what to do with what I know and have lived for so many years. I have the confidence necessary to step forward to change my life and help make a positive difference in the lives of others who want my input. I have been pushed and stretched to uncover my potential and capabilities, to step out of my comfort zone, to learn and grow in my knowledge and experience in so many ways. This program has nurtured not just my knowledge about nutrition, but my being, who I am, and what my purpose is in life.

Donna Olson , Warrenton, Missouri
Francine Bernitz Photo

The CNE program exceeded all of my expectations and then some. You are held to high standards of performance and professionalism and timeliness, just as in the real world with clients. I have learned so much and grown in ways that I could not have even imagined, just a few short months ago. The weeks flew by and the volume of things we learned is truly staggering but it was always fun and supportive and delicious! From the cooking assignments to the written work, the research, the pre-recorded workshops, it was all incredibly worthwhile. Meghan’s integrity, creativity, vision and sheer energy are amazing and it far transcends being about food and culinary nutrition. It is about life and building a healthy, balanced life of great joy. Having turned in my final assignments, I was a bit teary, I must confess. I will so miss the weekly call-ins, but I am really looking forward to the Fall Retreat. It is a great privilege to now consider myself an alum of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. Thank you so much!

Francine Bernitz , Goffstown, New Hampshire
Natalie Bray Photo

My culinary nutrition knowledge has grown leaps and bounds. Not only has this course impacted me, but my entire family. My children have an increased awareness about how to eat balanced, healthy meals and best of all have 100% refused to eat at fast food chains again. By the way — my boys are five and 10 years old.

Natalie Bray , Montville, New Jersey
Tammie Duggar Photo

The CNE program met and exceeded my expectations!  I was stretched and discovered so many new things about myself in the process of this course.  The information was presented in a very organized way and each week I was able to build on the knowledge that I gained from the previous week’s assignments and course work.

Tammie Duggar , Bountiful, Utah , 2013 ACN Graduate
Rupa Gill Photo

This program is wonderful. I really like the fact it is hands on. The course assignments build upon one another so you never feel lost. I can’t describe the amount of knowledge that I have learned. The course has not only provided me with knowledge on nutrition, but also helped improve my writing, communication and research skills. I highly recommend this course.

Rupa Gill , Brampton, Ontario
Cheryl Dornberg Photo

Taking the Culinary Nutrition Expert program was one of the best decisions I have made for myself and my business!  Although, I had always been interested in cooking and nutrition, this program pulled everything together and gave me the TOOLS and SKILLS to help others on their healthy life journey. Meghan and Josh are AWESOME instructors, and the whole CNE team totally rocks with their support and encouragement. I am so happy to be part of this tribe!

Cheryl Dornberg , ID, United States , 2018 ACN Graduate
Hala Sweiss Photo

Such a great program that covered so much in such a short period of time. The whole team was very helpful and super friendly. It actually exceeded my expectations. The way the program is broken down is very convenient and easy to get in tune with. At first I thought 3 months would be long, but honestly I would do it all over again, over a longer period of time.

Hala Sweiss , Amman, Jordan , 2015 ACN Graduate
Penny Hopp Photo

When I first saw an online course in culinary nutrition was available, the idea was very exciting for me because I had finally found a course (unlike a course to become a chef), that connected the dots from learning and loving the world of nutrition to actually putting what I learn into practice. However, I had no idea what was really in store. The fun-filled online classes plus the incredibly well-written lessons that supported everything in detail was much, much more than I had expected! The design of the course absolutely ensured that I followed and understood what was being taught. Plus, the Facebook community of fellow students added yet another dimension to my level of learning in so many ways. This very special course was a life-changing experience and I’m so thankful that Meghan Telpner and her team had the drive and the vision to develop such an awesome program!

Penny Hopp , Jordan Station, Ontario
Christine Moody Photo

Meghan’s warmth and pure spirit shine through in everything she does. I took the class out of curiosity and ended up honing and building a whole set of skills that I never expected. Her ability to channel her passion into building a business that is honest, real and world-changing is both inspiring and exciting. I was honoured to be a part of this journey and to learn and build relationships on the way.

Christine Moody , ON, Canada , 2014 ACN Graduate