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Interview Series: Rock Your Biz

This series of interviews pulls together a diverse panel of experts from all areas of industry to discuss one topic: how to succeed as a health and wellness professional. This group of experts have been pivotol in helping Meghan Telpner, the director of the Academy, structure, build and brand the businesses she has created. Each experts lends their own unique perspective and area of expertise. Your are bound to gain invaluable insights, actionable steps, inspiration and “aha” moments that will help you take your business and your life to the next level. The interviews were conducted by Meghan Telpner in the Spring of 2014. What we love about these experts is that they aren’t just teaching about business. Their businesses are thriving examples of how they put their own advice into practice.


Meet The Experts

Tera Warner: Tera Warner is the found of the WISH Summit, an annual gathering of world renowned experts in the health, wellness and spirituality world. She has had the privilege of interviewing everyone from Marie Forleo, Gabby Bernstein, David Wolfe, Maya Angelou and more. Tera shares her tips and strategies for how she successfully built up her business, that has a following in the hundreds of thousands, all while raising two kids as a single mom. Tera is a force of  kindness with a healthy dose of no-excuses-get-it-done inspiration. More on Tera visit

Josh Gitalis: Josh Gitalis is a renowned clinical nutritionist and functional medicine specialist who has developed a unique way of building his practice based, not on ongoing return visits of clients, but on getting his clients well and building a practice based on referrals. Josh shares his incredible tips for helping to achieve client compliance and in turn invite his clients to get amazing results. Josh has also developed and brought to market several products and continues to lead the as an educator of practitioners. Josh is a member of the Academy’s faculty teaching Fundamentals of Nutrition and Healing Elixirs and Herbal Medicine as part of the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program.  More about Josh at

Bhavna Chauhan: Bhavna Chauhan is an editor at Random House Canada and also happens to be Meghan’s editor- having helped with the development of both UnDiet, and the yet to be released UnDiet Cookbook. In this interview Bhavna shares the ins and outs of getting your work published, whether you need an agent first or at all, how to write an awesome proposal and how to best approach publishers. She also distinguishes between the pros and cons of self- publishing and working with a traditional publisher. This interview shares all you need to know to get started on that book project.

Lisa Borden: Lisa Borden is the owner and brilliant brains behind Borden Communications. Lisa has worked with some of the best known brands in the business, helping them go from ideas to top sellers and household names. She has also done the same for many of your favourite personalities in the field of nutrition. In this interview, Lisa shares her best advice for how to get your business off the ground, what kind of investment you can expect to make, how to use your start-up funds wisely and some of the smartest things you can do right now to start getting your biz rocking. More on Lisa visit

Meghan Telpner: This fun little bonus interviews is conducted by our head Teaching Assistant Jaclyn Desforges. In this interview, Jaclyn asks Meghan the burning questions of our Culinary Nutrition Program alumni on the topics of her personal health routine, nutrition, business and a few random ones. Meghan shares insights and information that she hasn’t shared anywhere else.


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