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Interview Series: Summer School Summit

Our outstanding  tribe of Culinary Nutrition Experts were chatting in our private group about essential oils and fermentation. They also had finance questions, blogging questions and just general interest in so much! This is what happens when the spark is lit and the learning light is turned up full blast – you just want more. And just as we developed the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program and then this Academy in response to what our community was asking for, we decided to pull some of our favourite experts together for this fun little series.

These interviews were conducted by Meghan Telpner in the Summer of 2014. They were recorded with a live online audience and most of the questions were those coming from our audience. 

Meet the Experts!

Nathalie_HeadhsotNathalie Lussier

Connect: Nathalie Lussier Media

The Basics: Nathalie is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to biz building on the internet. Her original background was in software development, then she dove into the world of nutrition. The worlds kept colliding and at last she launched a biz to help small businesses, most often in the health field, get their brand established online! She breaks it down into doable steps and offers fantastic programs to develop, as she puts it, “a digital strategy to match your ambition.”

ACN-Approved: We love Nathalie for her straightforward, easy-to-understand direction when it comes to everything web, from list building to DIY site building. Her website offers loads of resources including the platforms she loves best. She has tons of wisdom to share!

Topics Of Conversation: This was a two-way interview where we interviewed each other. I ask Nathalie about how she transitioned to this business, what entrepreneurs need to know about building an online presence, the benefits to being able to use the internet to fuel your business (whether it’s an online or offline business), and the biggest mistake people make when they sign up for online business training.



Gena Hamshaw

Connect: Choosing Raw

The Basics: Gena is a passionate vegan and raw food blogger. She’s pretty rockstar awesome and just released her first book called Choosing Raw: Making Raw Foods Part of the Way You Eat.

ACN-Approved: We love Gena’s approach to a healthy, balanced vegan diet, high in nutrient-rich raw food. Gena presents her information with great research behind it and leaves out any preachyness. She’s not aiming to convert you to eat like she does, but to inspire you to do your best. She’s wildly smart, sweet and someone we could all learn loads from!

Topics Of Conversation: Her dietary choices, book writing, blogging, managing an online community, maintaining her own health, how the health blogging world has changed, how she became such a blog rockstar!


Shannon_HeadhsotShannon Lee Simmons

Connect: The New School Of Finance

The Basics: Shannon is the fresh new face of personal finance. She is a certified financial planner (CFP), speaker, media personality, entrepreneur and financial journalist. Her New School of Finance is the educational hub for Canadians to learn about personal and small business finance in a fun and exciting way.

ACN-Approved: Living life well does have a price tag! Shannon helps us to ensure we have the moolah to afford our organic food and put enough away for savings. Best of all, she helps clients sort out the finances of small and growing businesses. From what kind of accounts you need, how much you can spend — she’s got the answers!

Topics Of Conversation: How much money do you need to start a business, how much should go towards education, what types of accounts, how to best get financing if you need it, how to handle customers that don’t pay, how to make money doing what you love!


Jenny McGruther

Connect: Nourished Kitchen

The Basics: Jenny is the culinary nutrition master behind the Nourished Kitchen blog (and now book by the same name). Jenny is an advocate for farm-fresh, traditional, unprocessed foods and has turned her passion for real food into an amazing business. She offers courses, meal plan subscriptions and ongoing inspiration for how we can easily prepare traditional foods in our own home kitchens.

ACN-Approved: We love the beauty of Nourished Kitchen — gorgeous photos to go with the gorgeous recipes. Jenny has been able to turn her blog into a business by staying true to her food philosophy and inspiring others to make the choice towards real, nourishing, fresh food. She also works to give back to her own community by making real food accessible for low income families.

Topics Of Conversation: Her motivation towards real food, why she thinks people fear real-food cooking, how to do this on a time/financial budget, her greatest fermentation successes, how real food has affected her health, the transition between her blog as a hobby, and it becoming a business, where she sees food trends headed, what she loves most about her work.

Note: This interview had some technical difficulties. As it was recorded live- it was on with the show and Meghan filled in for Jenny, answering viewer questions until Jenny’s internet kicked in at around the 20 minute mark. We are aware of this and took this into account when pricing this product.


Nadine Artemis

Connect: Living Libations

The Basics: Nadine is an incredibly unique and special person. Her love for oils began in an attempt to recreate Nina Ricci’s L’Air du Temps for a school science fair project. These botanical inclinations led her on adventures in creating organic healing balms, reviving elixirs and perfumes using the purest essential oils. Today, she’s an expert in how oils can be used as medicine for dental health, breast health and more.

ACN-Approved: Living Libation oils find their way into our bodies, from what we use first thing in the morning, to what goes in our spray bottles when we’re cleaning down the kitchen. Nadine is a wealth of wisdom as it relates to oils, all of which is backed up by scientific reference. She is always on the cutting age of the blending of traditional healing with the latest technologies.

Topics Of Conversation: How to choose the best oils, most unexpected uses, how oils help dental health, effect of oils on internal organ systems, running an online business with tangible products, maintaining customer happiness, how to discern between the various essential oil companies, building loyalty, the best part of the work she does.


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