Interested in joining theAcademy of Culinary Nutrition?

If you’re considering taking a course or full certification program with the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, you probably have a keen interest in health, nutrition and perhaps even in your health-focused business.

Here at the Academy, we cartwheel in your honour as we work to bring you a refreshing approach to online learning. We run all of our courses script-free. Those of us who teach do it because we absolutely love it, and all of our teachers, including our director Meghan Telpner, have their own very successful careers in the field or area in which they are teaching.


Nope. Not over here! If the game isn’t any fun, who wants to play? Now, that’s not to say our courses and the course work are not challenging. They are. We are training you to be a leader in your community (or at your own dinner table, as the case may be). Taking on the responsibility of helping guide others towards health is no small thing. And it is for this reason that we are forever striving to offer current information in engaging and effective ways.

What will matter the most to you?

If you’re looking at us, we’re guessing that we’re not the first you’ve asked to dance. You’ve probably been looking at a few other schools, likely both online and in person. What we offer and how we offer it is not for everyone, as we do crack that mold and play by our own rules. There are many things that allow us to stand out, but what will matter most to you is that you matter the most to us! We offer our students and graduates opportunities to tell us what they want to learn about, we invite them to teach their own classes, promote their awesomeness in our directory, and share their wisdom on our blog.

Our one and only mission is to help you achieve your goals.

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