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Lisa Lio,
ON, Canada

This was my first experience with an online course and I was a bit hesitant to sign up because of the price and the not-in-person factor, but the CNE program totally surpassed my expectations! Meghan and Josh are total naturals when it comes to teaching and make the modules fun and engaging. They really have a knack for this and do a great job of explaining things in a way that makes it easy to understand. I couldn’t be happier that I made the decision to take this course!

Gillian Macgregor-Spurr,
BC, Canada

If you are looking to build your confidence in the kitchen and gain a deep knowledge on the healing benefits of food, then this course is for you. Meghan and the whole CNE team are supportive, knowledgeable and hilarious. It was an intense few months, and this is not a course that you can successfully complete without dedicating the time and effort, but it is one that I highly recommend. I have learned so much that I feel like my health, and that of my family, will improve significantly as a result. I look forward to adding to this knowledge in the future.

Samantha Leso,

The program was amazing; it was so interesting and well-organized. My program coach supported me in every step – considering I’m Italian and writing well in English has been a big challenge for me. Meghan is fantastic and I hope to meet her.

Debbie Livingston,
CT, United States

I had watched Meghan from afar for many years; reading her posts, watching her videos and even purchasing her book. I finally made the leap to "go back to school" with the Culinary Nutrition Program. I loved being a student again and having deadlines but what I loved most was being appropriately challenged and learning so much great health information and habits to share with friends, family and clients. The whole world benefits from this program with each graduate!

Jessica Homontowski ,
Milkwakee, Wisconsin

The quality of the CNE program is phenomenal. The videos, the resources, the support, the livestreams are all spectacular! The video modules along with the recipes is what I enjoyed most about the program. I plan to go back through the videos and dive deeper into the information.

Simran Gosain,

This was one of the best decisions I made to take this course. I took the course out of curiosity and ended up learning so much more than I expected. Meghan's teaching style kept me glued to want to learn more. I loved the professionalism of this course and the way the whole team works as one. Meghan makes learning fun and interesting. This program exceeded my expectations. The course kept me on my toes all through but the end result was totally worth it.

Andrea Lee,
BC, Canada

This course was amazing and got me outside of the box with my cooking and my thinking. The assignments built upon each other nicely and at the end I had a ton of resources that I can use to host programs of my own. I love the private community group and the overall encouragement for me to do more and be more! I am thinking bigger than ever before and I am thankful.

Maybel Moore ,
Toronto, Ontario

I love being part of this tribe!  I have met such amazing people, from all over the world. Knowing we'll always be able to communicate and share information is fantastic. I am so proud to call myself a Culinary Nutrition Expert, and love being a part of the CNE tribe.

Susan Whatley-Halverson ,
Thunder Bay, Ontario

I absolutely loved [the modules] and totally looked forward to watching them each week.  I loved Meghan's enthusiasm and "fun" character. She taught so much about the things I didn't know through cooking and reminded us frequently of the value and healing qualities in certain foods.  This helped me to learn and retain the information. Josh also provided a wealth of information and the two of them worked great as a team.

Clara Carr,
Kalamazoo, Michigan

What an amazing, beautifully taught and inspiring course. I truly learned so much about food and nutrition, and discovered more about myself in the process! I would recommend [the CNE Program] to everyone!

Jeffrey Spelrem,
Alberta, Canada

Meghan and the whole team are inspirational. This program was my first experience with any kind of nutrition course. The skills, recipes and fundamentals I learned was life changing. This course opened up my eyes to many new ingredients and cooking methods. I have always struggled with what to eat, and for so long it was very overwhelming. For the first time in many years I feel like I have an understanding of how to eat to feel good and for my body to be nourished and satisfied.

Mieke Postulart,
Maarssen, Utrecht, Netherlands

Where do I even begin? I have been searching for a program like this where I could learn comfortably from my home, but develop super skills and knowledge about food and culinary nutrition. CNE delivers it all. Next to all the awesome video workshops, it was great to learn from Meghan and other health experts in the live classes every week. Learning through the CNE program was so much fun while giving me the knowledge and skills to infuse the world around me with culinary nutrition!

Sheena Scott,
AK, United States

This is absolutely the most worthwhile, life-changing course I have ever enrolled in. Meghan is so alive, genuine and passionate about her school, her students and the education she is providing. It is apparent that she practices and believes in everything she teaches. Her team as well as the tribe of like-minded, intelligent and encouraging people that come together during this course are nothing short of amazing. If you aren't sure about taking this course, all I can say is - just do it. You will not be disappointed!

Natalia Poveda,

This program gave me a lot of information about nutrition, new ingredients, and a lot of delicious recipes too. The opportunity of having a weekly live call was awesome, I really like that part of the program. Additionally, having a coach gives a personalized, quick and closed support which is great, and the community helps you to have the courage to carry on and to share questions or good/bad experiences.

Janice Lee,
South Korea

This program will certainly change your life! I'm so much more mindful of the ingredients I use and the power of knowing the benefits of what you're putting on the table is an incredible feeling. Meghan's passion for what she teaches is so contagious and she infuses the student with this passion and enthusiasm. If you want to, not just eat healthier, but change your entire outlook on food, beauty-care products and approach to living, do this course. You will never regret it! It is a life enhancer!!

Sabrina Cooper,
Thornhill, Ontario

[The CNE Program] gave me the confidence boost I needed. The well thought out videos/modules that build on each other week to week provide all the tools for you to continue your journey in whatever direction you choose.  Meghan provides a light hearted and fun way to learn so that you get the most out of this course. A spark has been ignited, continuing to grow, shining brightly in new ventures ahead using all the skills and knowledge I have learned throughout this program.

Kinna Patel,
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Meghan and her team deliver content in a fun, engaging and easy to understand way. Not only that, but the level of energy and passion for their field makes it so easy to stay focused, energized and positive!  I've never witnessed a community filled with such a high level of motivation, support, love and mentorship.  I highly recommend signing up for the program!

Josee Lamirande,
Gatineau, Quebec

[The CNE Program] is a highly educational and impactful course that relies on current research and highly knowledgeable experts. My only regret is to not have taken the leap sooner!

Lissette Pareja,
North Carolina, USA

I was eyeing this course for a couple of years before I finally took the plunge and did it. I am so thankful that I did! The knowledge that I acquired was worth every single penny. I loved doing the recipe assignments because it made me experiment with new ingredients and took me out of my comfort zone. I love cooking healthy and coming up with new recipes but this program allowed me to take it to a new level.

Donna Makelki,
Delta, British Columbia

This is the first online course that I have taken and at first I wasn't sure if I would be able to do it because I prefer a classroom setting with questions and answers. However, I was so impressed with the professionalism of this course and how it was set up to be "user friendly" for people like myself who are not as computer friendly as the next.  Meghan's team had everything you needed to know in an easy to follow format to access the program. Meghan is a gift to all of us, her livestream sessions were an absolute bonus, not only to be able to learn from her awesomeness but also to be able to hear the other students questions that resonated to me personally.  I enjoyed getting to know Meghan and Josh through their livestream sessions and admired their knowledge and their honesty and values. I loved [the CNE Program] and how it was presented and I am looking forward to many more courses from Meghan!

Menna Zaki,

This program really changed my life. It is so informative and easy to understand as Meghan takes time to relay the information easily. The information is so intensive yet easy to grasp. The assignments pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me realize I can do so much, I did not know I had it in me. I now believe in myself and can know what to look for and how to search and analyze any information I find. I now have so much confidence in myself. The CNE community is so helpful and I now have a great support system.

Vlada Griskevica,

I loved every single day while being part of this amazing program! Each piece of information was invaluable, each video and livestream was inspiring, exciting and life-changing. Each assignment was a huge challenge, but at the same time the greatest reward. I can't praise highly enough the top-quality of this program, how thorough, well-structured and student-friendly it was. I'd love to have an opportunity to study at the Academy once again!

Michelle Kube,

"I don't like to cook"- this was my mantra for a long time. Apparently it was b/c I wasn't cooking the right stuff! The quality of the info and delivery is fabulous. The amount of info is amazing. This course expanded my knowledge about healing foods, cooking skills and just learning to try something new. I tasted and made more "new" dishes than I could have even imaged in the 3 months. The support from Meghan, Caitlin, Maeve, And everyone was outstanding. This course has changed how I choose what I eat, it's taught me to just try making something new (you might like it!) and given my confidence in something I already new something about. It also showed me what is possible- cooking wise, business wise, and what I am capable of. I seriously can't imagine "not" taking this course- loved it

Arwa AlTurkait,

This program would be helpful to anyone willing to learn about culinary nutrition, from the professional to the amateur. As much as it is challenging, it is 100 times rewarding. The team at ACN and the wonderful community is the cherry on top.

Katherine Bibby,
Richmond Hill, ON

I found the program was designed for everyone - from people looking to cook better at home to nutrition professionals. The program materials were great quality, engaging and really well explained. The community support during the program really makes this program effective, as you have someone to reach out to when you have questions. This was a really professional course, which keeps you accountable to following through with your homework and assignments.

Tammie Duggar,
Bountiful, Utah

The CNE program met and exceeded my expectations!  I was stretched and discovered so many new things about myself in the process of this course.  The information was presented in a very organized way and each week I was able to build on the knowledge that I gained from the previous week’s assignments and course work.

Felisha Alers,
NY, United States

The CNE program was educational, motivating and fun! I learned to make delicious healing foods that were gluten free and dairy free. The recipes were easy to follow and simple to make at home. I am a Health and Wellness Coach, and am excited to add this specialty to my practice. It gave me a new skill set that I can share with my clients and family. I loved learning new recipes and healthy substitutions for the body and home. Meghan, Josh, and her team are amazing! Meghan’s culinary knowledge is vast and thorough. Her enthusiasm empowered me to come out of my comfort zone! Also my program coach, Melanie was very supportive and helpful throughout the program. This program brought out my passion for the culinary arts of healing foods and herbal medicine. You will not regret taking this program; You will gain a wealth of nutritional knowledge!