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Abby Handelman,
CT, United States

The Culinary Nutrition Expert program far exceeded my expectations of what I could learn from an online course. I am so happy I stumbled across this program as it has given me the knowledge, tools and most importantly, the confidence to start an entirely new career path. Meghan and her team have created something truly amazing!

Michael Hunsinger,
New Zealand

The Culinary Nutrition Expert program exceeded my expectations in many ways. The quality of the learning modules and in-depth coaching was very professional and fun... This is an invaluable tool. Going from conventional chef to Culinary Nutritional Chef has been a game-changer for our brand. Thanks to Meghan, Josh, and their Team.

Elisa Hardes,
San Diego, California

The CNE program was such a refreshing program. I learned so much more about the nutritional value of food and how to prepare it which is exactly what I was looking to get out of the program. I wanted to add an element to my business that I felt was missing. I work with clients one on one in addition to teaching classes. People were always asking for recipes, meal plans, shopping lists etc. and I learned how to build my own recipes, create meal plans for a variety of different conditions and present them in a professional manner. This program has give me the confidence to more thoroughly work with clients in helping them heal their bodies through real food!

Cecila Yu,

The program completely exceed my expectations. Most importantly it definitely uped my game in terms of my nutrition coaching business. Now I'm able to help my clients apply what I teach them in the kitchen with some very useful cooking lessons.

Christine Thomson ,
Illinois, USA

The Culinary Nutrition Expert program totally exceeded my expectations. I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a holistic & functional nutrition background, and I enrolled in this course for both personal and professional reasons. From the very start, I was incredibly impressed with the level of professionalism in the way the content was presented by both Meghan and Josh. The assignments were challenging enough so that you take the class very seriously, yet not too challenging to make you feel like you won't succeed. Even with my educational background, I still came away with a wealth of knowledge and skills to enhance my professional career.

Kristine Peacock,
Stouffville, Ontario

When Meghan says that the CNE Program will take your health, your life and business to the next level, she's not kidding! The professional quality of the program - the video modules, program sequence, assignments, course notes, recipes, coaching and feedback as well as the Culinary Nutrition Facebook page all supported me in my decision to move forward with my passion for nutrition and turn it into a business. The program did not meet my expectations... It surpassed them! As the course was ending I was inspired to launch my own online nutrition program. I had no website, no background - just enthusiasm, knowledge and confidence from this program. I successfully debuted my first program, got more clients than I expected, and they are all doing really well!

Felicia Alers,

The CNE program was educational, motivating and fun! I learned to make delicious healing foods that were gluten free and dairy free. The recipes were easy to follow and simple to make at home. I am a Health and Wellness Coach, and am excited to add this specialty to my practice. It gave me a new skill set that I can share with my clients and family. I loved learning new recipes and healthy substitutions for the body and home. This program brought out my passion for the culinary arts of healing foods and herbal medicine. You will not regret taking this program; You will gain a wealth of nutritional knowledge!

Iris Castillo-Estep,
TX, United States

This program taught me so much more than I expected. Although I am a Dietitian, I didn’t realize how much more knowledge there was to food and nutrition in ways where food can actually aide in healing rather than avoiding. It’s a lot of work but if you follow the tips the team provides and keep organized throughout the program, it’ll make the process so much easier. I love all the additional support provided via the coach, Facebook group, and Live Q & As from Megan.

Marilia Pereira,
Ontario, Canada

As a holistic nutritionist, I took the program to focus more on creating dishes, meal plans and culinary nutrition to address specific health conditions, for both myself and my clients. What I gained was a world of culinary nutrition at it's best! From the first module, I learned that everything Meghan taught could be learned by anyone and all the information she shared was so useful and essential for healthy living! Everyone could benefit from taking this course. Whether you are a health practitioner, a parent looking to cook healthier for you and your family, whether your a caregiver looking to improve someone's else health, or share amazing nutrition on social media - this program is designed to be optimal for everyone. Everyone at the Academy of Culinary Nutrition is just bursting with positive energy to make the learning experience fun, enjoyable, inspiring and encouraging. They will be your #1 fan's and make you feel like a rock star! The CNE program gave me the confidence and culinary nutrition skills I was looking for to take things to another level with my nutrition practice, as well as in my life. I will be forever grateful, and will encourage everyone to take this program!

Sierra Thompson,
OR, United States

What a wonderful experience! As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I was looking to further and broaden my culinary knowledge and skills - this program has done this and more! I feel so much more aware and confident in my ability to translate complicated nutrition and health topics to clients, friends, and family. I am empowered and excited to see where this work will take me! Thank you Meghan and tribe for such a wonderful and in-depth experience!

Sarah Schafer,
MI, United States

I would recommend the CNE Program to absolutely anybody. Whether you are brand new to the concept of holistic health, an experienced practitioner, or someone who is simply looking for the "real" and "true" answers to nutrition, the Academy of Culinary Nutrition is the way to go!

Laurent Causse,
QC, Canada

Watching Meghan each week was very inspirational, and I cannot stop thinking of my business objectives since completing the CNE program. The support team was great, and I enjoyed teaming up with a buddy for a few assignments. I am more of a visual learner, so I really enjoyed the module videos. One of the major effects on my life was gaining confidence and trust that I could develop services for educating people on healthy nutrition in the kitchen. I learned a lot and it was a great complement to my previous nutrition education.

Laura Olson,
Brooklyn, New York

I’m so glad I made the leap and took the CNE course! Meghan and her team helped take me from a solopreneur wannabe to the “real deal.” It was amazing to watch Meghan in action and apply that knowledge to my own business. And, I can’t wait to sit back and watch all the video content again. Each time I watch, I pick up a little more info that helps me lead myself and my clients to better health.

Brooke McMillan,
Fort McMurray, Alberta

The quality of the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program is second to none! I feel so grateful for the education I received from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition and the beautiful, supportive community that it fostered. The course was packed with knowledge and resources, but the best part was that the practical applications of all the great content were given the spotlight. There was never a moment in the program where I didn't feel completely empowered, inspired, and engaged. As a cooking and nutrition teacher, enrolling in the CNE Program was one of the best decisions I have ever made so that I can better serve my students and live by example as I continue to support my own health through healing foods and a holistic approach to wellness!

Julie Walton,
AB, Canada

I loved this program. I am a Certified Exercise Physiologist with an undergraduate in Kinesiology and a Holistic Nutritionist. This was by far the best program I have done and is so applicable to my career. It answers all of the questions clients and others ask me on a regular basis. It is so practical and I found myself challenged, but very supported through the program. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to further their education in culinary skills with an emphasis on REAL and healthful foods. Meghan backs everything up with research (which I love) and delivers it with her amazing personality. It was money very well spent.

Amy Jones,
Boulder, Colorado

I used to be so stumped about how to guide clients around making new food choices and meals that were full of healthful ingredients and tasted delicious. The CNE program breaks it down so perfectly that it is now seamlessly integrated into my practice as an emotional eating and body image coach, but also into my own food choices and meal choices.  I love that I benefitted from the program professionally as well as personally!

Valerie Piccitto,
Keswick, ON

This course exceeded my expectations times a thousand. I came out of this program as a far better version of myself. Nutrition school was great, but it wasn’t like this course! This course is what every budding nutritionist needs! So much practical information and from an experienced nutritionist. It doesn’t get better.

Ashleigh Grange,
Alliston, Ontario

As a holistic nutritionist with extensive culinary knowledge already, this program taught me most of all how to look beyond the typical sources of income for holistic nutritionists and to consider new ways of offering products and services of great value. The Biz Rockin’ workshop was invaluable for new and veteran business owners alike!

Sarah Maxfield,
Sarnia, Ontario

As a mom to five, and as one who has studied holistic health for years, I am very concerned about following a mainstream diet; as it is linked to so many chronic diseases and conditions. Learning to utilize whole foods in a fast-paced world is simple but not easy. Meghan demonstrates a way out of the mainstream diet in a way that is fun, practical and hands on.

Cindy Santa Ana,
Bristow, Virginia

The Culinary Nutrition program really elevated my Health Coaching business. I was looking for more instruction in plant-based culinary arts and this filled the gap. I feel confident in leading cooking classes and workshops that really dive deep into using food as medicine. Meghan's video modules are upbeat and entertaining, but mostly just chock full of educational information. The program exceeded my expectations and the community I belong to now is invaluable.

Bethany Jones,
NB, Canada

This program surpassed my expectations. The information was very relevant and useful. It was perfect for continuing my education as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. The support from Meghan and the team was above and beyond. I would do it all over again!

Rodia Vance,
Norcross, Georgia

I am so grateful to have found this program! As an aspiring health coach, the main focus of my business will be teaching healthy cooking tips and how to cook for various health conditions. Having had no formal background in nutrition prior to this program, I came away with so much knowledge that I will be able to apply with clients. This program has definitely shaped how I will run my business.

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