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Melissa Eboli ,
Tuckahoe, New York

[The Facebook group] was the cherry on top for me with the program. You never felt like you're alone.

Maybel Moore ,
Toronto, Ontario

I love being part of this tribe!  I have met such amazing people, from all over the world. Knowing we'll always be able to communicate and share information is fantastic. I am so proud to call myself a Culinary Nutrition Expert, and love being a part of the CNE tribe.

Melissa Torio ,
Mississauga, Ontario

The Facebook group was the best! I loved the community and this really made the program stand out. Everyone was very supportive and this was really helpful since the program was online.

Susan Whatley-Halverson ,
Thunder Bay, Ontario

I absolutely loved [the modules] and totally looked forward to watching them each week.  I loved Meghan's enthusiasm and "fun" character. She taught so much about the things I didn't know through cooking and reminded us frequently of the value and healing qualities in certain foods.  This helped me to learn and retain the information. Josh also provided a wealth of information and the two of them worked great as a team.

Marilia Pereira,
Ontario, Canada

As a holistic nutritionist, I took the program to focus more on creating dishes, meal plans and culinary nutrition to address specific health conditions, for both myself and my clients. What I gained was a world of culinary nutrition at it's best! From the first module, I learned that everything Meghan taught could be learned by anyone and all the information she shared was so useful and essential for healthy living! Everyone could benefit from taking this course. Whether you are a health practitioner, a parent looking to cook healthier for you and your family, whether your a caregiver looking to improve someone's else health, or share amazing nutrition on social media - this program is designed to be optimal for everyone. Everyone at the Academy of Culinary Nutrition is just bursting with positive energy to make the learning experience fun, enjoyable, inspiring and encouraging. They will be your #1 fan's and make you feel like a rock star! The CNE program gave me the confidence and culinary nutrition skills I was looking for to take things to another level with my nutrition practice, as well as in my life. I will be forever grateful, and will encourage everyone to take this program!

Clara Carr,
Kalamazoo, Michigan

What an amazing, beautifully taught and inspiring course. I truly learned so much about food and nutrition, and discovered more about myself in the process! I would recommend [the CNE Program] to everyone!

Leslie Durkin,
Ontario, Canada

This program changed my life!!!  It is a huge commitment and a very heavy workload, but worth every second of it!  You will leave this program with such an incredible depth of knowledge about food and nutrition.  Meghan, Josh and the ACN team are there for you every step of the way.  Meghan's openness and easy going personality makes it so easy to learn.  Josh has the amazing ability to take something so technical and explain it in a way that makes it so easy to understand.  I was looking at going back to school to be a Nutritionist, however, I felt this program made more sense.  Learning about nutrition through cooking - and you get to eat your homework!!  This program is practical - it gets you in the kitchen and takes what you learn each week and actually use that knowledge to create.  I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the life changing program.

Jeffrey Spelrem,
Alberta, Canada

Meghan and the whole team are inspirational. This program was my first experience with any kind of nutrition course. The skills, recipes and fundamentals I learned was life changing. This course opened up my eyes to many new ingredients and cooking methods. I have always struggled with what to eat, and for so long it was very overwhelming. For the first time in many years I feel like I have an understanding of how to eat to feel good and for my body to be nourished and satisfied.

Sierra Thompson,
OR, United States

What a wonderful experience! As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I was looking to further and broaden my culinary knowledge and skills - this program has done this and more! I feel so much more aware and confident in my ability to translate complicated nutrition and health topics to clients, friends, and family. I am empowered and excited to see where this work will take me! Thank you Meghan and tribe for such a wonderful and in-depth experience!

Dusty Spiller,
AB, Canada

The CNE program has changed my life. I can now cook fantastic healthy meals and snacks for myself and my wife knowing every ingredient I cook with and how those ingredients are health promoting. As well as being a professional triathlete, my nutrition demands are greater than most and I can fulfill those needs now with what I've learned. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to take control of their health, life, and learn how to use great ingredients to make great meals!

Sarah Schafer,
MI, United States

I would recommend the CNE Program to absolutely anybody. Whether you are brand new to the concept of holistic health, an experienced practitioner, or someone who is simply looking for the "real" and "true" answers to nutrition, the Academy of Culinary Nutrition is the way to go!

Laurent Causse,
QC, Canada

Watching Meghan each week was very inspirational, and I cannot stop thinking of my business objectives since completing the CNE program. The support team was great, and I enjoyed teaming up with a buddy for a few assignments. I am more of a visual learner, so I really enjoyed the module videos. One of the major effects on my life was gaining confidence and trust that I could develop services for educating people on healthy nutrition in the kitchen. I learned a lot and it was a great complement to my previous nutrition education.

Jessica Mitton,
Newfoundland, Canada

I was very nervous about taking this course, as I was not sure if I would be able to meet all the deadlines; however, everything was so well organized and if I had questions, my program coach was always there to help. The program content was amazing. I was able to learn new cooking and baking techniques and gain insight into developing cooking classes and workshops. It brought me out of my comfort zone on more than one occasion, but I was so happy that it did! I learned so much. Meghan is such a great educator who always makes it fun and exciting to be in the kitchen!

Yvette DuMouchel,
British Columbia, Canada

As intense as the program was, it was completely manageable. With a young child, husband, full time self employment and general life stuff, I was still able to manage the workload. In fact, it helped me to learn how to better manage and focus my time on important tasks.

Mieke Postulart,
Maarssen, Utrecht, Netherlands

Where do I even begin? I have been searching for a program like this where I could learn comfortably from my home, but develop super skills and knowledge about food and culinary nutrition. CNE delivers it all. Next to all the awesome video workshops, it was great to learn from Meghan and other health experts in the live classes every week. Learning through the CNE program was so much fun while giving me the knowledge and skills to infuse the world around me with culinary nutrition!

Laura Olson,
Brooklyn, New York

I’m so glad I made the leap and took the CNE course! Meghan and her team helped take me from a solopreneur wannabe to the “real deal.” It was amazing to watch Meghan in action and apply that knowledge to my own business. And, I can’t wait to sit back and watch all the video content again. Each time I watch, I pick up a little more info that helps me lead myself and my clients to better health.

Sheena Scott,
AK, United States

This is absolutely the most worthwhile, life-changing course I have ever enrolled in. Meghan is so alive, genuine and passionate about her school, her students and the education she is providing. It is apparent that she practices and believes in everything she teaches. Her team as well as the tribe of like-minded, intelligent and encouraging people that come together during this course are nothing short of amazing. If you aren't sure about taking this course, all I can say is - just do it. You will not be disappointed!

Natalia Poveda,

This program gave me a lot of information about nutrition, new ingredients, and a lot of delicious recipes too. The opportunity of having a weekly live call was awesome, I really like that part of the program. Additionally, having a coach gives a personalized, quick and closed support which is great, and the community helps you to have the courage to carry on and to share questions or good/bad experiences.

Janice Lee,
South Korea

This program will certainly change your life! I'm so much more mindful of the ingredients I use and the power of knowing the benefits of what you're putting on the table is an incredible feeling. Meghan's passion for what she teaches is so contagious and she infuses the student with this passion and enthusiasm. If you want to, not just eat healthier, but change your entire outlook on food, beauty-care products and approach to living, do this course. You will never regret it! It is a life enhancer!!

Ximena Martel,

It was an amazing experience, it was an incredible learning and working hard experience, very well explained by Meghan and Josh plus the support of Melanie was great. I really enjoyed trying new flavors and playing with spices, it changed my life since I am not afraid of the kitchen anymore!

Brooke McMillan,
Fort McMurray, Alberta

The quality of the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program is second to none! I feel so grateful for the education I received from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition and the beautiful, supportive community that it fostered. The course was packed with knowledge and resources, but the best part was that the practical applications of all the great content were given the spotlight. There was never a moment in the program where I didn't feel completely empowered, inspired, and engaged. As a cooking and nutrition teacher, enrolling in the CNE Program was one of the best decisions I have ever made so that I can better serve my students and live by example as I continue to support my own health through healing foods and a holistic approach to wellness!

Jessica Walchshauser,
Shelbyville, Tenessee

The Culinary Nutrition Expert program was a life changing experience! The material provided each week exceeded my expectations. Meghan and her team made each module truly fun and entertaining. My whole family loved the experience and enjoyed learning how to cook with all of the new healing foods that were introduced. This course is so much more than just learning about food. It touches on so many other aspects of life that lead to an over all healthier lifestyle. The community that comes along with this program is amazing. Not only did I gain the skills I needed, I now have an entire support system to go along with it! If you are thinking about taking this course, just do it! You will not regret it!

Sabrina Cooper,
Thornhill, Ontario

[The CNE Program] gave me the confidence boost I needed. The well thought out videos/modules that build on each other week to week provide all the tools for you to continue your journey in whatever direction you choose.  Meghan provides a light hearted and fun way to learn so that you get the most out of this course. A spark has been ignited, continuing to grow, shining brightly in new ventures ahead using all the skills and knowledge I have learned throughout this program.

Julie Walton,
AB, Canada

I loved this program. I am a Certified Exercise Physiologist with an undergraduate in Kinesiology and a Holistic Nutritionist. This was by far the best program I have done and is so applicable to my career. It answers all of the questions clients and others ask me on a regular basis. It is so practical and I found myself challenged, but very supported through the program. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to further their education in culinary skills with an emphasis on REAL and healthful foods. Meghan backs everything up with research (which I love) and delivers it with her amazing personality. It was money very well spent.

Lisa Annetta ,
Ontario, Canada

Not only did I learn about health and nutrition, but I learned how to channel that knowledge into real-life, delicious, wholesome meals at home. I wasn't  looking at amazing recipes on blogs anymore, thinking about how great it will be when 'someday' I make it...I was actually doing it! The kitchen knowledge alone, was worth every dollar and leap of faith, but being able to learn about menu-plans and client assessments, also meant that I could channel my  knowledge into a new career. Meghan and her team are talented, down-to-earth and knowledgeable, and will push you beyond boundaries to get your personal best. I am forever thankful to be part of a community of like-minded people who want to make the world a healthier...

Elaine Moran Dos Santos,
CA, United States

Meghan is a true superhero when it comes to teaching culinary nutrition and showing us how to reduce our toxic burden to help save the world! Her superpower is the love she infuses in everything she puts out there. From the hands-on learning experience of recipe creation, meal planning, and cooking workshops, to the video teaching modules, abundant resources, and interactive live-streams, this course gives you all the knowledge and applicable tools you need to go out into the world and share your amazing skills with confidence and ease. Throughout the entire experience, Meghan and her fearless team made me feel supported, encouraged, and valued. She makes you believe that you too are capable of making the world a better place in your own unique way—one healing, nutrient-dense meal at a time. The only thing Meghan is missing is her cape! I would recommend this course without hesitation to anyone looking to optimize their health and the health of others through the healing powers of food and holistic living—as my experience with this program was truly priceless!