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Maria Cattet ,
ON, Canada

The CNE program was an amazing learning  experience  for me. This program gave my life a whole different  meaning making me feel that now I am on the right track. I am grateful for all the knowledge I have now and I am so inspired to share it with everyone.

Kristen Ciccolini,

I learned so much from this program with changes I could begin incorporating into my life immediately. It was an education not just in nutrition but how to make the information palatable, exciting, and inspiring. I love Meghan (and Josh's) approach, making everything lighthearted because you learn best when you're having fun.

Kinna Patel,
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Meghan and her team deliver content in a fun, engaging and easy to understand way. Not only that, but the level of energy and passion for their field makes it so easy to stay focused, energized and positive!  I've never witnessed a community filled with such a high level of motivation, support, love and mentorship.  I highly recommend signing up for the program!

Josee Lamirande,
Gatineau, Quebec

[The CNE Program] is a highly educational and impactful course that relies on current research and highly knowledgeable experts. My only regret is to not have taken the leap sooner!

Amy Jones,
Boulder, Colorado

I used to be so stumped about how to guide clients around making new food choices and meals that were full of healthful ingredients and tasted delicious. The CNE program breaks it down so perfectly that it is now seamlessly integrated into my practice as an emotional eating and body image coach, but also into my own food choices and meal choices.  I love that I benefitted from the program professionally as well as personally!

Lissette Pareja,
North Carolina, USA

I was eyeing this course for a couple of years before I finally took the plunge and did it. I am so thankful that I did! The knowledge that I acquired was worth every single penny. I loved doing the recipe assignments because it made me experiment with new ingredients and took me out of my comfort zone. I love cooking healthy and coming up with new recipes but this program allowed me to take it to a new level.

Michele Kimmis,
Texas, USA

Taking the CNE course has been life changing for me! Not only has it had a huge influence on the way I live my life, but has also created a passion in me to bring families back into the kitchen! A passion I believe I wouldn't have had the confidence to pursue if it weren't for Meghan & my wonderful Coach! I never dreamed I would learn so much & enjoy the journey as much as I did! Meghan & her team are truly amazing, their knowledge, encouragement & professionalism is top notch! As if all of the above isn't enough, the CNE community is so very friendly, helpful & encouraging & it is truly a blessing be part of this CNE Tribe. I highly recommend this course - today is the day!

Donna Makelki,
Delta, British Columbia

This is the first online course that I have taken and at first I wasn't sure if I would be able to do it because I prefer a classroom setting with questions and answers. However, I was so impressed with the professionalism of this course and how it was set up to be "user friendly" for people like myself who are not as computer friendly as the next.  Meghan's team had everything you needed to know in an easy to follow format to access the program. Meghan is a gift to all of us, her livestream sessions were an absolute bonus, not only to be able to learn from her awesomeness but also to be able to hear the other students questions that resonated to me personally.  I enjoyed getting to know Meghan and Josh through their livestream sessions and admired their knowledge and their honesty and values. I loved [the CNE Program] and how it was presented and I am looking forward to many more courses from Meghan!

Menna Zaki,

This program really changed my life. It is so informative and easy to understand as Meghan takes time to relay the information easily. The information is so intensive yet easy to grasp. The assignments pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me realize I can do so much, I did not know I had it in me. I now believe in myself and can know what to look for and how to search and analyze any information I find. I now have so much confidence in myself. The CNE community is so helpful and I now have a great support system.

Vlada Griskevica,

I loved every single day while being part of this amazing program! Each piece of information was invaluable, each video and livestream was inspiring, exciting and life-changing. Each assignment was a huge challenge, but at the same time the greatest reward. I can't praise highly enough the top-quality of this program, how thorough, well-structured and student-friendly it was. I'd love to have an opportunity to study at the Academy once again!

Hala Sweiss,
Amman, Jordan

Such a great program that covered so much in such a short period of time. The whole team was very helpful and super friendly. It actually exceeded my expectations. The way the program is broken down is very convenient and easy to get in tune with. At first I thought 3 months would be long, but honestly I would do it all over again, over a longer period of time.

Cortney Teeples,

My experience with the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program has left me wanting more! I have been impressed with the amount of information provided and the quality of the overall presentation. The level of integration throughout the curriculum as each week builds on the previous week's lessons was impressive. I felt encouraged and empowered by the high expectations that motivated me to keep going. The sense of community and support was exceptional for an online program. Meghan and her team do a wonderful job. When the course was over I found myself missing the sound of her voice! Now I need to take a deep breath and take what I've learned into the world. But it's not scary because I know I have a whole CNE community to support me as I continue!

Michelle Kube,

"I don't like to cook"- this was my mantra for a long time. Apparently it was b/c I wasn't cooking the right stuff! The quality of the info and delivery is fabulous. The amount of info is amazing. This course expanded my knowledge about healing foods, cooking skills and just learning to try something new. I tasted and made more "new" dishes than I could have even imaged in the 3 months. The support from Meghan, Caitlin, Maeve, And everyone was outstanding. This course has changed how I choose what I eat, it's taught me to just try making something new (you might like it!) and given my confidence in something I already new something about. It also showed me what is possible- cooking wise, business wise, and what I am capable of. I seriously can't imagine "not" taking this course- loved it

Yami Navarro,

I decided to take the CNE program for personal interest first, because I thought it would be helpful in my healing journey and also to improve my cooking skills, but what I found was way more than that. My knowledge about nutrition was definitely increased exponentially and that helped me to make better decisions to support not only my health but also to keep my whole family well nourished. This program gave me the confidence to develop a whole new way of cooking, it helped me improve my cooking skills and it helped me understand how to make ingredients work together not only to deliver a nutritions meal that will help me heal and thrive but also to experience joy with tasty and delicious plant based food the my whole family will enjoy.

Arwa AlTurkait,

This program would be helpful to anyone willing to learn about culinary nutrition, from the professional to the amateur. As much as it is challenging, it is 100 times rewarding. The team at ACN and the wonderful community is the cherry on top.

Diana Carles,
Glasgow, Scotland

I feel blessed to have taken part in such an amazing course. I enrolled on the course last year as half way through my IIN qualification I felt I wanted to learn more about culinary nutrition, and I am so happy I followed my intuition. The CNE program has given me the skills and knowledge that I need to fulfill my new passion and pursue my dream career.

Katherine Bibby,
Richmond Hill, ON

I found the program was designed for everyone - from people looking to cook better at home to nutrition professionals. The program materials were great quality, engaging and really well explained. The community support during the program really makes this program effective, as you have someone to reach out to when you have questions. This was a really professional course, which keeps you accountable to following through with your homework and assignments.

Sam Kelly,
Nottingham, Maryland

I found Meghan and her work back in 2008, as I was healing as a young adult from a four-year cancer battle.  I looked to Meghan and others in the field to help provide the knowledge I needed to heal my mind, body and soul — and I did.  Flash forward to 2013 and I took the plunge to take my health, food & nutrition skills to the next level with the hope to share what I learned with anyone who would listen.  That’s where the CNE Program came in. The quality of the information provided, teaching methods, assignments and range of topics covered far exceeded my expectations.  I learned exponentially more from this program than I ever did from any traditional college or continuing education courses (and I’ve taken far too many to count). You get 1000x what you pay for with this program. Along the way, Meghan and her team offered an unparalleled level of support.  Every question I had was thoughtfully answered and any concerns I had were addressed in a timely manner. Although the course was entirely online, the deep sense of community formed with classmates came as a welcome surprise to me.  This course has helped me hone my skills, taught me more than I ever imagined, and helped me step outside my comfort zone to make my dreams of helping others a reality.  Thank you x a million, Meghan & team.  I’m proud to call myself an alum!

Shannon Gardiner,
Pickering, Ontario

The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program guides you to develop your skills in doing your own research, creating your own recipes and making your own decisions on what matters in your healthy life and career rather than give you a bunch of information for you to memorize. I am so happy that I completed this program!

Valerie Piccitto,
Keswick, ON

This course exceeded my expectations times a thousand. I came out of this program as a far better version of myself. Nutrition school was great, but it wasn’t like this course! This course is what every budding nutritionist needs! So much practical information and from an experienced nutritionist. It doesn’t get better.

Melanie Connolly,
Quakertown, Pennsylvania

The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program has more than exceeded my expectations. It’s been the best decision I have ever made. The level of support in the CNE program is amazing and Meghan and her team shares so much of their knowledge and themselves in this program. This is a one-of-a-kind program. I have learned so much and have been taught how to research and teach myself how to become knowledgeable in many topics. The workshops are professionally done and full of valuable information that has been an invaluable learning tool that I can watch over and over again.  The weekly livestreams were a wonderful way to stay connected to the community and Meghan was there to teach us more, tie our homework together and answer any questions we had. The friends that I have made in the CNE group have been amazing and we have grown and become a tribe/family in the past few months.  I’m so glad I listened to my intuition and jumped in with both feet, it truly was the best decision ever.

Ashleigh Grange,
Alliston, Ontario

As a holistic nutritionist with extensive culinary knowledge already, this program taught me most of all how to look beyond the typical sources of income for holistic nutritionists and to consider new ways of offering products and services of great value. The Biz Rockin’ workshop was invaluable for new and veteran business owners alike!

Tammie Duggar,
Bountiful, Utah

The CNE program met and exceeded my expectations!  I was stretched and discovered so many new things about myself in the process of this course.  The information was presented in a very organized way and each week I was able to build on the knowledge that I gained from the previous week’s assignments and course work.

Shauna Gilbert,
California, USA

This program has essentially changed the trajectory of my life's plan. Seriously, I knew this was going to be a life changing experience, however I couldn't have predicted just how much. Meghan's enthusiasm and zest for teaching and learning, is infectious. The addition of Josh and his incredible knowledge was amazing, and it's clear these two were born to teach. I only wish I could do it all over again, but wait, I can! I re-watch the modules constantly, and pick up valuable nuggets I previously missed every time. Thank you Meghan and team, you are totally awesometown!!

Claudia Ma Ortega,
Mexico City

This course gave me all the tools to make change my habits, focusing in a new perspective about nutrition. The knowledge that I have now opened me a whole new world of flavors and ways of preparing my food. It also gave me the confidence needed to do it in all senses. The team and Meghan's support is impressive and still is with the community in facebook. I feel very proud of being able to graduate in order to share the good things that I learned. The good vibe is contagious. I love to be part of this!

Sarah Maxfield,
Sarnia, Ontario

As a mom to five, and as one who has studied holistic health for years, I am very concerned about following a mainstream diet; as it is linked to so many chronic diseases and conditions. Learning to utilize whole foods in a fast-paced world is simple but not easy. Meghan demonstrates a way out of the mainstream diet in a way that is fun, practical and hands on.