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Cindy Santa Ana,
Bristow, Virginia

The Culinary Nutrition program really elevated my Health Coaching business. I was looking for more instruction in plant-based culinary arts and this filled the gap. I feel confident in leading cooking classes and workshops that really dive deep into using food as medicine. Meghan's video modules are upbeat and entertaining, but mostly just chock full of educational information. The program exceeded my expectations and the community I belong to now is invaluable.

Bethany Jones,
NB, Canada

This program surpassed my expectations. The information was very relevant and useful. It was perfect for continuing my education as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. The support from Meghan and the team was above and beyond. I would do it all over again!

Rodia Vance,
Norcross, Georgia

I am so grateful to have found this program! As an aspiring health coach, the main focus of my business will be teaching healthy cooking tips and how to cook for various health conditions. Having had no formal background in nutrition prior to this program, I came away with so much knowledge that I will be able to apply with clients. This program has definitely shaped how I will run my business.

Cassidy Neiser,
ON, Canada

This program is everything I hoped for and more! I am so impressed with how well put together the program is. Every module flows in harmony together to build up to the final assignments. The research projects were incredibly useful for my business and have allowed me to find a focus for my work. Meghan and her team are incredibly organized and make it easy to navigate through all the new information. I can't rave enough about this program! Highly recommend to anyone who has a passion for nutrition!

Nicole Ruskell,
Phoenix, Arizona

The program is well organized, easy to follow and packed full of information. Meghan and Josh teach in a very approachable way, reaching an audience of both nutritional professionals and newbies. You will learn about health, nutrition, and how to make tons of gluten-free and dairy-free foods you thought were too complicated.

Marissa Rodriguez,

This program was beyond anything I could have ever expected. The quality of everything (support, information, program, portal) was amazing! I have been learning about food and wellness for years, but I never felt "legit" enough to be able to start a business. I looked at other programs online but I felt very overwhelmed by everything that they promised to teach and I didn't feel like it was specific enough for me. This program is hands-down one of the BEST investments I've ever made in myself and my family. Sometimes I tell my husband I don't know how I ever did life before the CNE program, it's truly life changing. I'm so happy, proud and thankful to be a Culinary Nutrition Expert!

Felisha Alers,
NY, United States

The CNE program was educational, motivating and fun! I learned to make delicious healing foods that were gluten free and dairy free. The recipes were easy to follow and simple to make at home. I am a Health and Wellness Coach, and am excited to add this specialty to my practice. It gave me a new skill set that I can share with my clients and family. I loved learning new recipes and healthy substitutions for the body and home. Meghan, Josh, and her team are amazing! Meghan’s culinary knowledge is vast and thorough. Her enthusiasm empowered me to come out of my comfort zone! Also my program coach, Melanie was very supportive and helpful throughout the program. This program brought out my passion for the culinary arts of healing foods and herbal medicine. You will not regret taking this program; You will gain a wealth of nutritional knowledge!

Dawn Lashley,
NY, United States

I have been out of school for a number of years and there was initial trepidation at being able to resume rigorous coursework while maintaining a full-time job and extra activities. I am glad to say I was able to accomplish it all. It wasn't always easy. There were some late nights and stressful moments, but such is the case with any academic endeavor. Meghan's team was professional and considerate. My TA provided an enormous amount of support and encouragement which made it possible for me to continue through the course. I learned so much which further fuelled my desire to continue my studies in holistic nutrition. Well worth the cost, the time and personal sacrifice to complete the program. Would recommend it to others in a minute!

Shelley Payne,
Ontario, Canada

When I signed up for the CNE Program I thought I was going to learn how to cook with healthy, nutritious ingredients and learn about food. This course went above and beyond my expectations! I learned so much more about health and wellness, but the most unexpected surprise was the personal growth I experienced. My initial fear of failing and self doubt turned into confidence and pride in the kitchen and in my writing, research and time management abilities. I felt empowered - not just in the grocery store, but life in general. From the moment I pressed "play" on the first video, I knew I was in for a fun learning experience. The support from Meghan, my coach, and the whole tribe was incredible!

Joanna Wilson Phillips,
Vermont, USA

Meghan is one of the most dedicated and fiercely passionate teachers I've ever had. I really enjoyed the fact that the cooking assignments overlapped with the written assignments and tied a lot of concepts together. It was so useful to see what we learned on paper and in the videos come to life in my own kitchen, by my own hands. The written assignments I created for this class were some of the most intellectually and emotionally fulfilling assignments I've ever worked on. I felt like I was truly doing work of substance that would be used to help others. Meghan, Josh, and the Academy team have done an exemplary job of filling in my information gaps, but more importantly they have unleashed a passion for flavor, taste, and recipe creation in me that I never knew existed. Through recipes, the incredible CNE Tribe, and the amazing Facebook groups, the ACN community has proved over and over to me and my family that healthy, healing food can absolutely taste delicious.

Raquel Inoa,
Dominican Republic

I can happily say that the CNE Program was completely beyond my expectations. The content was very up to date, extremely generous and the team was amazing. They were very focused on our learning and giving us encouragement. The tuition was an investment, but totally worth every penny. I'm really satisfied and inspired. I've learned a lot and I hope that I can apply each and every pearl of wisdom, and spread this to my community to help everybody take control of their health.

Candice Gonzales-Cullen,
CO, United States

The CNE program is the highest quality nutrition and whole life program out there! The huge amount of information packed into this course is well above any other. The support from Meghan and her team is unbelievable. Meghan's teaching style, philosophy, and enthusiasm is incredible. I gained so much more than I had anticipated from the course, community and team at ACN. The community created is beyond amazing, so many people with the same goal, to change the world through this information. My life has changed in such an incredible way since joining the program, which has had a ripple effect to those all around me. I can't say enough great things about Meghan, ACN or the CNE program. Truly life changing!