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Culinary Nutrition Expert Program

The Culinary Nutrition Expert Program

This 14-week program is a complete and thorough professional certification course in culinary nutrition that offers both practical, everyday, natural cooking skills, as well as a deeper exploration into the therapeutic properties of the foods we eat and how we prepare them.

Everyday Culinary Nutrition ($248)

INSTANT ACCESS – Do you like the idea of whole food, healthy, delicious from-scratch cooking, but think it’s impossible to achieve with a busy life? Do you want to bring healthier eating habits into your life but aren’t sure where to start? This course takes the overwhelm out of simple and delicious healthy eating.

Everyday Herbal ($248)

INSTANT ACCESS – Herbal medicine can be used to treat specific conditions naturally, it also has a lot more function in everyday use than most of us realize. We have distilled our combined decades of study and practice down to what you need to know. Start creating your own herbal remedies with our new 4-week online course!

Fundamentals of Fermentation ACN

Fundamentals of Fermentation ($98)

INSTANT ACCESS – In this special mini-course, you’ll learn why fermented foods are so beneficial, and how to easily make your own gut-healing, digestive-friendly ferments.

Healthy at Home ACN

Healthy at Home ($198)

INSTANT ACCESS – Remove the potential causes of chronic illness from your home in this Healthy at Home course. One room at a time, we’ll teach you simple and effective ways to make your home a safe and healthy space for you and your family.

Biz Rocking

Biz Rocking Insider Program

Take your business to the next level in this 6-week training course, specifically suited for those working in the health field. Learn the skills, tools and strategies to help you turn your dream business into a reality.

Culinary Nutrition Mini Training (No Cost)

This one-of-a-kind mini training will give you a taste of what culinary nutrition is all about. It includes 5 video-based modules, demonstration of 7 recipes, course notes and more – and it’s 100 percent free!

Resilience Masterclass

Masterclass: Resilience ($98)

INSTANT ACCESS – With our live event behind us, we have taken our expert presentations and workshops and broken them down by speaker to offer you a curated, self-paced experience. This is an amazing opportunity to integrate the wisdom and insights our experts shared about Resilience during this one-day live event.

Culinary Nutrition Extravaganza ($48)

INSTANT ACCESS – We ran the Culinary Nutrition Extravaganza with five cooking demos and four guests, and do the whole thing live from the kitchen. The result was explosive fun and chaos with on the fly intros, jokes and a few mishaps. Enjoy the shenanigans here, at your leisure.