Simple Dehydrator Sweet Potato Chips

Don’t get me wrong — I am super in love with kale chips. Just ask my husband about the dozens of times I’ve proclaimed “I’m making kale chips!” and he hasn’t gotten a single one because I’m too busy standing over the dehydrator like a crazy person, shoving them in my mouth before they’re fully dry.


But regardless of how amazingly awesome kale chips are, sometimes you just want chips, you know? Like the kind out of a bag (but without all the crazy poisonous nonsense included). Enter dehydrator sweet potato chips.

I’m going to preface this recipe by saying that A) yes, you do need a mandolin (unless you have the ability to make insanely thin slices with a knife, in which case I salute you) and B) you do need a dehydrator (unless you’re frying them up on the stove — or something — I don’t know. I haven’t tested it). But if you do slice ’em up super thin and dry them out completely, they will be absolutely the crunchiest and most delicious non-white potato chips ever.

Sweet potatoes are lower on the glycemic index than white potatoes (which means your blood sugar won’t go all crazy and cause you to dive face-first into a bag of Oreos). They’re also packed with vitamin A. If the oil in this recipe has got you nervous, don’t be — sweet potatoes need to be eaten with fat in order to get the full benefits of the beta-carotene. Plus fat is delicious and wonderful and won’t make you fat. So there.

I probably shouldn’t recommend something that will make these bad boys even more addictive, but they would taste amazing paired with this awesome Cashew Sour Cream.

You didn’t hear it from me.

Dehydrator Sweet Potato Chips

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1 sweet potato, peeled
2 tbsp olive oil
1 1/2 tbsp tamari
1 tsp toasted sesame oil
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper (or to taste — this might be too spicy for some as the dehydration concentrates the kick!)


Slice sweet potato as thinly as possible using mandolin.
Add sweet potato slices to medium-sized bowl and add olive oil, tamari, sesame oil and cayenne pepper. Massage the ingredients into the sweet potato.
Lay out sweet potato slices on dehydrator trays.
Dehydrate on high overnight or until crunchy.

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5 responses to “Simple Dehydrator Sweet Potato Chips

  1. Jacqueline

    Great recipe! I slice sweet potatoes into rounds, coat with olove oil and sea salt, bake at 350* for about 30 minutes, flipping over at 20 minutes. If you slice them fairly thin, no need for mandoline, they get crispy. Even if they don’t get super crispy, they are still delicious! Just wanted to let folks know to go for it even if you don’t have a dehydrator. Thanks for the tips to spice them up. Will try!

  2. Monique

    Super yummy and definitely addictive! I’m curious- do your chips come out light and crunchy or hard and crunchy? I used a mandoline so I can’t get them much thinner but I would love to find a way to get them a bit lighter if you have any suggestions.

  3. Caryl Ayearst

    I recently bought a dehydrator and the first thing I did was make sweet potato chips. They were inedible! I simply sliced them and dried them. Thank you for this recipe and your timing. I will try making them again!

  4. Tami October 22, 2022

    I know you don’t air fry, but that’s how I’m going to cook these chips. Sounds like a delicious combo of flavors, love the oils.

  5. Dennis N August 2, 2023

    How to you keep them from curling?

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