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What Is Culinary Nutrition

The most powerful form of nutrition!

Culinary Nutrition is about using ingredients in their whole and fresh form, and combining them to make delicious, healing recipes.

With a culinary nutrition approach to learning about health, nutrition, cooking, and applying it all in the kitchen and on your dinner tables, we combine nutritional theories, science and principles of traditional diets in culinary applications for optimal health.

And this is what we teach in our flagship Culinary Nutrition Expert Program.

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Through beautiful, healthful, simple and delicious food, we are creating and sharing a way of living that is disease preventative and health and happiness supportive.

The above are a few student assignments.

This is a nutrition education where food is at the core of our teaching.

We offer a creatively inspired food-focused program, with hands-on, online learning and real world practice-based skills.

You become empowered to confidently share this knowledge with friends, family and clients.

Is Culinary Nutrition For You?

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The study and practice of culinary nutrition is for you if any of the following apply:

  • You have an interest in food and nutrition.
  • You want to build on what you already know.
  • You don’t know anything about culinary nutrition, but need a place to start.
  • You want to be part of an incredible global community.
  • You know how to cook but want to do it healthfully
  • You want to feel empowered to know how to feed yourself, your family and your clients for optimal health
  • You want to gain confidence in your understanding of the health properties of specific foods
  • You have a desire to share your passion confidently with experience and training to support you.

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