What’s Cooking? Fall 2016 CNE Kitchen Roundup #5

We are nearly at the end of the Fall 2016 semester of the culinary nutrition expert program and the last few cooking assignments have been life-affirming and ultra-delicious for our students. In the last couple of weeks, students have explore therapeutic foods for healing and sweet treats.

While these two categories of recipes may seem like polar opposites, when approached the culinary nutrition way they are both equally nourishing and help to build health. After 11 weeks of recipe assignments, our students completed the year with recipes that truly nourish from the inside out.

In our latest kitchen roundup, we can’t think of a better way to end the year than sharing photos of our students’ healing broths along with their sweet treats.

cne kitchen roundup 5

Tanya Mathieu, New York NY

“A self portrait using some of the ingredients for my Immune Power Broth!”

Immune power broth - kitchen roundup

Jennifer Barr, Toronto ON

“All of the immune boosting and medicinal-superfood goodies that will soon be turned into a warming therapeutic soup full of serious health super powers!”

immune power broth

Laura Carwardine, Toronto ON

“My soup homework tonight ended up being my favourite colour!”

cne kitchen roundup

Heather Dalzell, Tonasket WA

“Creamed Mushroom Love Soup. Delicious and surprisingly filling. This soup has some major healing power, a delicious rich umami flavor and a wonderful creamy texture.”

cne kitchen roundup

Ania Breen, Mississauga ON

“Today I made Sparkly Ginger Chip Cookies – sooo good!”

cne kitchen roundup

Melissa Torio Missisauga ON

“Ha! Little hands caught red-handed stealing the dates for mommy’s pear tartlets!”

ginger pear tartlets

Aisling Burke, Ancaster ON

“Yummy treats! Almond butter cups & ginger chocolate cookies.”

ginger chip cookies

Breana Barak, Cedar Rapids IA

“I really struggle to follow directions in the kitchen. But I’ve been challenging myself to do just that during the #cneprogram – and on a tight budget, no less. The creative juices flowing inside me are ready to burst.”

cne kitchen roundup

Rebecca Price, Earlston UK

“My last recipe assignment. This gorgeous flourless ginger pear tart is all kinds of delicious! These past 12 weeks I have learned so much & gained so much more confidence in the kitchen working with healthful foods.”

cne kitchen roundup

We wish you a very, very sweet end to your year!

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