Your Guide To the Best Culinary Nutrition Swaps

The entire Academy of Culinary Nutrition curriculum is focused on teaching our students how to make every bite count. Sure, getting into the kitchen and whipping up tasty dishes is ultra fun, but we also want every recipe our students create to be packed with the most nutrient-dense, healing and nourishing ingredients on the planet. that’s where Culinary Nutrition swaps come in.

There are a lot of junky foods out there, from the refined white flours and sugars that throw our blood sugar out of balance to the GMO-laden vegetable oils that activate our immune systems and cause inflammation.

And when you’re first stepping onto the health train, it can be difficult to figure out what you can use to replace your familiar cooking standbys. That’s why we created this handy infographic of healthy substitutions that has totally got you covered.

So whether you’re searching for a substitute for coffee, margarine, bread crumbs, dairy milk, cooking spray or enriched white pasta, we’ve got a load of ideas that are not only delicious but offer you a ton of nutritional kapow.

Check out our absolute favourite culinary nutrition swaps below.

Culinary Nutrition Swaps

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3 responses to “Your Guide To the Best Culinary Nutrition Swaps

  1. Tatia Veltkamp

    I love this! You don’t happen to have this in a rack-card type style that you sell, do you? This would be so great to hand to clients who are looking to make changes.
    Thanks for all your inspiration!

    1. TAnya Bradshaw

      Yes I would love a copy of this! Do you guys sell this?

  2. Uli

    I would add any Swiss chard, especially Rainbow, my FAV to your iceberg lettuce swaps. And I make this dairy free butter that practically tastes like the real thing. It consists of refined coconut oil, liquid sunflower lecithin and salt. It is terrific, especially dropped into hot soup! I just gave up dairy recently, but couldn’t part with that lovely mouth feel and taste of the real thing. This vegan butter has exceeded my expectations.

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