2020 Masterclass

This is the hub for the 2020 Masterclass live event. Using the links above, you’ll be able to find everything you need to make the most of the day. Please note, this page will only be live until the close of our event on May 9th.

  • If you purchased the recording, following the live event, this information will be available in the 2020 Masterclass Course dashboard. We estimate having this ready for you no later than May 15th.
  • If you did not purchase the recording and would like to, you can upgrade your registration here for $50.


Event Access Details

Note: further details on how to join are below.

  • Link to join: For security and privacy, you will find this in your event emails, only.
  • Zoom Meeting ID: For security and privacy, you will find this in your event emails, only.
  • Password: This event requires a password to join. For security and privacy, you will find this in your event emails, only.

Video Tour of Zoom

Please enjoy this video tour to help ensure an easy time on the day of 2020 Masterclass.

What We Expect From Attendees

Those of you joining us live are expected to show up and participate! The more engaged you are, the more you interact with our presenters, other guests, the workshops and exercises, the richer your experience will be.

  • Show up to the event on time – even better, come early and get settled in.
  • Be prepared to have your camera on (optional) but there will be loads of guest participation – you won’t be called on to speak, but there will be other types of visual sharing and interactions.
  • Have a yoga mat, blocks, bands (optional) and some comfortable clothes on if you want to participate in the movement breaks.
  • Have a notebook and pen ready to go and if you have, a square pad of sticky notes.
  • Plan and prep your meals and snacks for the day in advance
  • Do your best to tune in from a space where you can be all in, undistracted and uninterrupted.

How To Join

  • On a computer (Mac or PC): Click the link to join above and follow the prompts. For additional information, check out Zoom support on how to join a meeting.
  • On a smartphone or tablet: download the Zoom app now (iPhone / iPad app | Android app), enter the Zoom Meeting ID for the session to login or click the link to join above.

Tips for Best User Experience

  1. Turn off all other internet using devices and ensure all other programs/browser tabs are shut down.
  2. Turn on your camera.
  3. If you lose audio or video on the Masterclass, please start by closing the app and re-joining the Masterclass from the link provided. If the issue is on our end, we will alert viewers by posting in the chat. If you still cannot see the video/audio after closing and re-opening, and you do NOT  see a message from the Masterclass moderator, try re-starting your computer.