In 2008, Meghan Telpner first began offering cooking classes in her loft-style kitchen in Toronto’s west-end neighbourhood of Parkdale. Shortly afterwards, she launched the Culinary Nutrition Program, starting with just 12 students around her kitchen table.

As demand for her classes grew and the walls of her 600 square foot loft could expand no further, she took the leap to online teaching and began recording her programs for a global audience. Meghan gathered the best team she could find and began building the world’s first online school for culinary nutrition.

The fall of 2013 saw the inaugural launch of the online Culinary Nutrition Expert Program with 100 students from around the world, and with it, a paradigm shift – this knowledge could finally be shared far and wide.

We have gone on to train nearly 1100 students in 40 countries and anticipate Fall 2017 to be our most far reaching and rewarding term yet!

The food philosophy of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition:

  • Keep it whole, keep it natural, keep it clean, and keep it grown as close to home as much as possible.
  • Labels are for tin cans. There is no one style of eating that is right for everyone.
  • The food you eat should bypass the chemistry lab.
  • Make it from scratch most often.
  • Eat as locally and seasonally as possible.
  • Upgrade what you already love (infuse chocolate pudding with avocado and slip some sweet potato into the brownies).
  • If you hate it, don’t eat it.
  • Choose foods with your taste buds, your health and the planet in mind.
  • Have fun always. Laughing while you cook makes the food taste better.


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