Congratulations to Our Culinary Nutrition Experts!

Our Fall 2018 session of the culinary nutrition expert program is coming to a close and we are unbelievably proud of this year’s incredible tribe. Our Fall 2018 crew came from across the globe, with over 30 countries represented and everyone had an infinite level of wisdom and inspiration to offer.

The grand finale of the culinary nutrition program, their final assignment, is a 2-hour live class facilitated by our culinary nutrition experts-in-training. This is an opportunity for our students to incorporate all of the skills they’ve learned throughout the semester and share what they know about culinary nutrition with family, friends, or coworkers.

Our students are always a little nervous about hosting an event, but every year they are filled with elation and gratification after they totally rock it.

We are so proud to share photos of some of our students, where they share their smiling faces, beautiful food and pride at a job well done!

Jennifer Haddad Bell, Playa Del Ray CA, USA

“What a great time…great people and great food! I had so much fun yesterday at my Get Cooking to Get in the Mood class! Naturally in a libido-boosting cooking class, I had 3 couples attend. To make it even more fun, we did a battle of the sexes on the soup recipe.

Also, turns out there was a heart surgeon there who loved it all and gave me major props and emphasized in his line of work he can’t stress just how important this work is. All around a success!”

workshop roundup

Michele Rhodes, Somerset PA, USA

“Had an AWESOME teaching experience after a day filled with nervousness! So happy it’s completed and was a success!! We could have spent hours more talking. Hmm..I smell weekend retreat material!!”


Lisa Lio Toronto ON, Canada

“I was worried I wouldn’t remember any facts or what to talk about, but I managed to hold a 3+ hour workshop without referring to my notes once! What an accomplishment! Everyone had a wonderful time and I actually taught them a few new things, which was so wonderful to hear. I’m now feeling so inspired to do it again and will hopefully do another one in the new year for a group of girlfriends.

Without this course, and this assignment specifically, I’m not sure I would have managed the courage to get out there and do this, so I’m so grateful for this opportunity to push myself and do something that I’ve been wanting to do for so long. My heart is full. What a day!”

Sheena Shekhar, Ottawa ON, Canada

“I had 12 participants and it was not a kitchen setting so it was a challenge to recreate all the recipes, but it all turned possible. It was a great experience with such interested and knowledgeable participants! It was fun and successful, never mind the efforts and long hours behind the event. It was worth it. The participants gave great feedback!! Thank you to my coach and Team CNE for pushing and guiding me, and for being Awesomely Awesome.”

Michaela Kascak, Stratford CT, USA

“I spent the past few weeks anxious, nervous and excited for my workshop. In the end, I realized the nerves were for nothing! Everything went so smooth, everyone loved my recipes and everyone was smiling and laughing throughout. Couldn’t have asked for a better group of participants for my first workshop!”

Miranda Kusi, Meydan Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“Workshop was a great success! Everyone loved it.”

Patty Callele, Edmonton AB, Canada

“I did it!!! It was a great experience with a lot of positive feedback.”

Megan Wroe, Brea CA, USA

“Workshop accomplished! So much fun teaching friends and family about anti-inflammatory eating for arthritic symptoms! Took longer than I had planned, but I’m pretty sure that was a sign of people having fun!”

Jasmin Elliott‎, Burlington ON, Canada

“Boy, that heart-health workshop was a toughie but a goodie! I was so totally nervous, but after a few minutes I relaxed and realized that I knew this stuff! I learned a TON and was delighted with the positive feedback I received. My participants told me how at ease I was during the workshop (sure didn’t seen that way from my end, lol) and that I truly inspired them. They have been sending me pics of their new dishes and letting me know all that they got out from the workshop. I am so full of gratitude!!!”

Christian Beilke, Bad Soden HE, Germany

“Hosted my Healing Candida Workshop last night. Teaching Nutella addicts to stay away from sugar was kind of extreme. But turned out to be a great success and an incredibly valuable experience. Timing was tough as the participants were soaking up all the wisdom learned during the program. In the end the only criticism was that there was too much too eat. I can live with that…”

Terri-Lynn Lawrence, Sooke BC, Canada

“Workshop is done! What an experience! It seemed so overwhelming getting everything ready but then it ran pretty smoothly and my guests seemed to really enjoy themselves! Yeah!!!”

Marla Shoom, Keswick ON, Canada

“Sighing a big relief! My Insomnia workshop was a success, a learning opportunity, and a great culmination of so many things we have all learned over the past few months. Here’s to new beginnings!”

Geeta Sakhuja, Toronto ON, Canada

“My very first cooking class on building a Healthy Immune System was a wonderful learning experience. I am so proud of myself for powering through all the behind the scenes work needed to put this together and coming up with such a colorful and delicious spread. “

Rosanna Arndt, Concord CA, USA

“I’m done! What an experience! I’m surprised at the reactions and how much people want this information! I’m soooo tired – just chilling out after a great success!”

Kathy Dupe, Cambridge ON, Canada

“My workshop on Whole Foods Beneficial for Colon Cancer went really well. Five of my family members attended and I was thrilled to introduce them to some new foods and techniques. They asked lots of questions and my brother didn’t give me too much of a hard time ;). A great experience – thanks for all the learning ACN, you guys rock!!”


Katherine Boggs, Mississauga ON, Canada

“Estrogen Dominance workshop done! A lot of work but worth it to see how engaged and interested my participants were. We had a giggle and rejoiced that even my avocado decided to cooperate and be absolutely perfect for my dressing.”

Lori Moore, Canning NS, Canada

“Workshop done! A huge success! To everyone who hasn’t done it yet, it’s an awesome experience and you’ll be amazed at how much knowledge rolls off your tongue.”


We are bursting with pride at our students’ accomplishments. They have learned a tremendous amount of knowledge and skills in a very short time, and hosting these workshops is a testament to their commitment, enthusiasm and positivity. The culinary nutrition expert program strives to inspire our students and equip them with the tools to share their knowledge with others. As you can see from the photos above, this year’s cohort has not only become amazing educators, but also further inspired the people in their lives to get into the kitchen too.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead

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