Congratulations to Our Culinary Nutrition Experts!

Our Fall 2019 session of the culinary nutrition expert program is coming to a close and we are unbelievably proud of this year’s incredible community. Our Fall 2019 crew came from across the globe, with over 30 countries represented and everyone had an infinite level of wisdom and inspiration to offer.

The grand finale of the culinary nutrition program, their final assignment, is a 2-hour live class facilitated by our culinary nutrition experts-in-training. This is an opportunity for our students to incorporate all of the skills they’ve learned throughout the semester and share what they know about culinary nutrition with family, friends, or coworkers.

Our students are always a little nervous about hosting an event, but every year they are filled with elation and gratification after they totally rock it.

We are so proud to share photos of some of our students, where they share their smiling faces, beautiful food and pride at a job well done!

Janine Klinegal, Queensland, Australia

“Workshop mission completed! We had so much fun and laughs, it went really well. We ate everything 😁. I was so nervous before the workshop started, but when I held that spatula…I connected to my passion. I was in my element and it just flows!”

Workshop Roundup

Jessica Crossan, Brantford ON, Canada

“Had so much fun! I talk way too much (when you’re passionate it happens!), but everyone said they learned something, loved the food and would make the recipes again!”

culinary nutrition experts


Rebecca Guralnick, Bayside WI, USA

“My class group did amazing! They were such great listeners with fantastic questions and they followed instructions. Super fun, rewarding day! I am pooped!!”

culinary nutrition experts

Kate Mercado, Boyton Beach FL, USA

“OMG such an amazing experience. I want to do it everyday…well not everyday but I loved it! Everyone had fun, they wrote down a lot of the info that I was giving, they asked questions and I had the answer for 99% of them, which even I was surprised. I can’t believe how much I have learned in such short period of time. I can’t wait to jump out to the world and show everyone how fun culinary nutrition is! Getting emotional as the last assignments are submitted, since is coming to an end but very very very pleased with this CNE journey!”

culinary nutrition experts

Sarah Brex, Tucker GA, USA

“I did it! I was so nervous, but it went really well. I’m so thankful for my sweet family and friends who made the time to come. I remember the first week or two of the course, looking at all the assignments and feeling SO overwhelmed. I can’t believe it’s almost over! This course has truly pushed me beyond what I ever thought I could do, but the assignments are so well formulated to build upon each other and help you through the process one step at a time. This course has been one of the greatest experiences of my life!”

Workshops round up

Ashley Proulx, Winnipeg MN, Canada

“I was so nervous but just so excited. It ended up going overly well! I had written all these notes to have on the side just in case I froze up, but immediately within 1 minute of talking the words just kept flowing out and it didn’t stop for 25 minutes. I was amazed at how much knowledge I actually was able to retain. This schooling has been such an amazing space to open up, overcome fears and push me into doing things I probably wouldn’t without it. Feeling so blessed today and really so thankful to the supportive friends that joined me in this journey.”

culinary nutrition experts

Hui Chii Lau, New South Wales, Australia

“The participants loved the idea of moving from station to station to learn the cooking experience…it’s like playing games. I learnt so much in the whole planning just by executing this demo workshop. Really appreciate my coach in coaching me patiently, answering all my questions and giving me constructive suggestions to improve the workshop.Thank you so much CNE…amazing programme!”

culinary nutrition experts

Kelsey Luker, Atlanta GA, USA

“I had to clear out my living room and bring in my outdoor table to make this happen in my tiny apartment, but it worked out great! We all had so much fun and I’m truly excited to do it again. It was nice to do this with friends and family because I never felt anxious or embarrassed, but now I also know what needs to be improved. I was just so happy to have people I love in my home doing what I love the most!”

culinary nutrition experts

Rachael Lancaster, New York NY, USA

“I’m being a couch potato exhausted tonight after presenting my first ever culinary nutrition workshop (yes, barefoot). Cooking and talking at the same time is a skill I need to hone 😂. So much fun sharing how to use plant-based food to counteract the effects of stress! “

workshop round up

Mona Jabbar, Calgary AB, Canada

“I’m so grateful to have had this opportunity to push me to do this. I have always loved these types of things but never have reason enough to do them myself. This gives me motivation and reason to push myself further. I appreciate you all for your hard work!”

culinary nutrition expert

Jane Groda, Louisville KY, USA

“Workshop complete! Was so awesome. My crowd stayed after and partied 3 hours after the workshop was complete. It was quite sweet! Thank you all to the gifts this course has given me and my loved ones.”

culinary nutrition expert

Hilary Ward, Centreville GA, USA

“So very grateful for this experience! The participants left feeling inspired and have since been sending me pictures of trying out the recipes they learned at home. What a great feeling.”

culinary nutrition experts

Shannon Harden, Cedar Crest NM, USA

“It was so much fun! Overall it went really smoothly and was met with way more enthusiasm than I had even hoped! A couple guests were so thrilled about learning how to make sauerkraut and coconut milk that I caught them buying equipment for it on Amazon as we were eating, and a couple girls even texted me after class to say they ran into each other at the store buying collagen and organic fruits and veggies🙌😂. I am so thankful for this whole experience and knowing I have a whole CNE class of us working up our courage and getting it done together.”

culinary nutrition experts

Jenny Black, Aurora ON, USA

“I did it! I enjoyed the experience so much more than I thought I would. I truly enjoyed the opportunity to share my knowledge and live my passion! I need more of this!”

workshop round up

We are bursting with pride at our students’ accomplishments. They have learned a tremendous amount of knowledge and skills in a very short time, and hosting these workshops is a testament to their commitment, enthusiasm and positivity. The culinary nutrition expert program strives to inspire our students and equip them with the tools to share their knowledge with others. As you can see from the photos above, this year’s cohort has not only become amazing educators, but also further inspired the people in their lives to get into the kitchen too.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead

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